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V3 Mafia Game Thread
Topic Started: Jun 11 2009, 04:25 PM (9,931 Views)
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Null sheen.
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* You may not discuss the game outside of this thread unless it was specifically stated otherwise in your role PM.

* Role/nameclaims are fine, just bear in mind there were 200+ characters in v3 and there are only 19 of you.

* Inactivity is going to be penalised, either by replacement or a flat-out modkill. Please remember inactivity will only hurt your team.

* I reserve the right to bug you for night actions. If you don't want to make one, then let me know too.

* If a majority vote for a lynch is not reached by the end of the day phase, then it will be a NO-LYNCH.

* If you have any questions about your role, please PM me.

* Roles in this game will be many and varied, check out this site for a fairly comprehensive list.

* Please embolden your votes and unvotes, using the format 'Vote: Name' and 'Unvote'

* Do not edit your posts under any circumstances. If you've made a mistake, post again using the tag 'EBWOP' (edit by way of post). Allowing editing leaves things very much open to abuse.

* Once you're dead, you're allowed one 'Bah' post with no game related content. That's all.


"Mr. Danya, I'm afraid that it's time to bring down the curtain on your little scheme."

"Who in the!?" Danya wheeled around in his plush chair, the cigar falling from his mouth as he gaped in outraged at the man standing behind him, gun levelled at his head. A sly smile crossed the face of the man.

"America can take its time Danya, but it will always find terrorists like you in the end."

"Oh spare me," Danya hissed, rolling his eyes. "I can deal with chumps like you with a snap of my fingers."

A gunshot echoed in the narrow confines of Danya's office, and the mystery man's eyes widened. He crumpled to the ground, quite dead, as behind him was revealed one of Danya's henchmen, weapon outstretched.

Dead: Clueless - American Agent, Red shirt.

"Are you alright sir?"

"Do I look like I'm alright!?" Danya snarled. "I was just held at GUNPOINT in my own office for crying out loud! We have to pull out, America knows where we are."

"What about the kids?"

"The kids? Bah, let them fight amongst themselves, I don't care. We're not taking them with us, even if there are some fine pieces of ass left alive down there... we're out of here as soon as possible."


The following morning, the 20 students left alive slowly stirred, awaking in their individual areas, to their individual sights. Where was the announcement? There hadn't been another technical fault now had there?

But wait, the collars... they weren't working, was it... was it really over?

Carson Baye certainly thought so, as he traipsed through the undergrowth with a broad smile on his face. Sure, he'd almost been caught with his trousers down, and his pants were now rather unflatteringly soiled, but he'd really caught a break! The DZ had seemingly deactivated just as he thought he was about to get blown up. Finally, things were starting to go right for him. The mess of his trousers notwithstanding.

"You miss the toilet or something?" Carson looked up with a grin, ignoring the wrinkled nose and look of digust on the face of the person now standing in front of him.

"Riz! Oh man! Isn't this great? We've made it! We must be the luckiest guys alive!"

"One of us won't be for long..."


Dead: Clu - Carson Baye, Hapless Victim

Two figures stepped up alongside Riz, both of them bristling with weaponry. He glanced at them both.

"Well guys, the way I see it... none of us are going back home to anything other than a jail cell... why stop now? You two with me?" Riz waited patiently as the two of them exchanged a long look, before they both returned their gazes to him and nodded.

"We're with you."

Even without Danya's influence, it seemed the killing would continue. It was up to the other survivors to root out the players before it was too late...


Sister G

Clueless as American Agent - Red Shirt. Night 0
Clu as Carson Baye - Hapless Victim. Night 0

With 19 alive, it's 10 to lynch. You have until Wednesday the 17th, 11:00PM (GMT) to come to a decision.

Please also confirm you have received your role in your opening post.
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I have totally recieved my role.
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I have received my role.
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Role received, ready to roll. <3
Hello again.
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I got my role, too. c:
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Got it!
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Role Received
CAPTAIN OBVIOUS. Or so I'm told.
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Ready to rock and roll.

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Got my role, bb.

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got my role
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Sister Grimm
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Add me to the 'received' list.
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Like, totally got my role and I'm like, 100% to like, get this thing going, yeah?
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Mafia role has been received.

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My role has been called. Received. Whatever. :P
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