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V3 Mafia Sign-Ups
Topic Started: Jun 3 2009, 02:32 PM (1,269 Views)
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Null sheen.
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With the Webcomic Drafting Game reaching the end of the actual 'drafting' phase, I felt that it was time to throw down one of the two ideas I've had for a themed mafia game.

Check out the thread for the previous game if you want a basic idea of how things work.

However, there is something very important to note here.

This will not be RPed. All posts (asides from the night results) will be OOC. Last time around was quirky and fun, but I felt it was too cumbersome at times. Therefore, we're going back to traditional mafia for this one, meaning that you don't post as a character - you post as yourself, voicing your suspicions from a personal level.

This is important, as the roles will involve SOTF v3 characters as well as things like 'Citizen' and 'Cop' - so you are NOT to RP as them unless you have explicit instructions to the contrary.

I'd also like to request that everybody who signs up be commited. We had a couple of people with very poor activity last time around, and I'm going to be a lot more strict about that this time.

Anyway... who's for it? :D

Players (19):
Sister G

There are many places available, although I should think more than 25 would be getting excessive, haha. Still, the more the merrier - big games are a lot of fun.
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Sign me the fuck up, bitch. Please.
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You like what you see?
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I was gone for the first one, why not?

Sign me up.
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Trained for combat by a cabal of hacktivists.
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I'm in, as always
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I am in. Last time was great, and I'm sure this one will be too! A big thanks to Clu for running all of these.
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God was telling you "not yet".
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I'll give it a bash, Clubles.
Hello again.
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The mouth from down south
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I'm in, provided all y'all bitches remember that I'm the shit and don't lynch me this time.
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do you want to go to war, balakay?
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Okay, I'm in.
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Sister Grimm
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I am a great biotic wind that will sweep all before me like a... a great wind! A great biotic wind!
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I'll give it a shot.
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I'll get you, Batman!
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Ok, the last one was fun. I'm not sure how this one'll pan out, but it ought to be fun. I'm in.
CAPTAIN OBVIOUS. Or so I'm told.
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I'll give it a try.
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I am but two years old, and a robot... It is hopeless.
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Sign me up thanks.
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read the rules and it sounds like fun, sign me up please :D
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half Iago, half Fu Manchu, all bastard
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If you've still got room, hell yes I'm in.

marc st. yves
light it up or burn it down we'll all die in fire
{food for thought}

phineas rosario
fall down seven times stand up eight

sebastian conway
can't see the forest for the trees
{book of sparrows}

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are you upset?
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i wnat 2 pley bcuz i hav no lyf and cuz chriz is pleying ok.

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