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Black Math
Topic Started: Sep 17 2008, 04:33 PM (2,702 Views)
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Leaning against the doorframe, Morgan watched as the girl loaded her archaic weapon. He would have chuckled at the sight, but compared to his own weapon, the ancient firearm was much more useful. More importantly, he noticed that all the while she poured and pressed, she always kept an eye on him. Smart girl.

When she finally made her way into the jungle proper, Morgan followed behind at a respectful distance. No reason to frighten the girl by hounding her steps. She could misconstrue any sudden or suspicious move and put her gun to good use. Best not to tempt fate. A safe distance behind his temporary partners, Morgan disappeared into the jungle.

((Morgan Green continued in A Moment's Hesitation/The Pedestrian))
Maybe the night seems so dark because the day is much too bright.

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