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Topic Started: Sep 5 2008, 05:28 PM (1,055 Views)
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((Bobby continued from: Amaro))

It felt surprisingly... good to have simply walked away. Nobody had died, nobody had been hurt, tempers hadn't been flared and nerves tried by some kind of standoff. Somebody had called out to Bobby, and he had decided that no, it wasn't necessary to shoot at every person you saw.

For some reason, it was rather uplifting.

In a way, he supposed it proved that he wasn't some kind of cog, specifically there to kill. There was nothing Bobby had to do, no matter what the circumstances. It was something to think about. Although part of him was still resigned to playing the game - that now that he had come this far and killed this many turning back was out of the question. Who would think he was anything more than a murderer any more? Was he anything more than a murderer?

Bobby sighed and kept on walking, heading along the dirt track towards what looked like a hollowed tree. Had they just carved the road straight through it? That was what it looked like, at least. Instead of going around just plow right on ahead through the obstacles... sounded a little like himself.

Bobby's mood was tempered by the discovery of an eviscerated corpse inside of the hollow tree, something that made his stomach clench with disgust. If he hadn't already vomited earlier he might have found himself losing the contents of his belly at the sight.

He took ahold of the corpse's feet carefully and dragged it outside of the place. Judging by the look of the body, the kill had happened recently, and Bobby didn't recall anybody being carved up by what looked like some kind of insane person armed with a blade of some description - he should keep an eye out. Nevertheless, the body was pulled to one side, discretely in the foilage off the track so people wouldn't have to see a corpse every time they walked through the tree. As he returned Bobby caught sight of a distorted reflection of himself in a large pool of water collected in a large depression in the track.

Damn, I'm hairier than a caveman, and looking pretty weird to boot. Those cuts... mostly healed up by now, look like a character out of a fantasy game or something. Tch, not gonna do myself any favours looking like a savage.

Bobby laughed out loud.

"If you're going to go around on an island killing and trying to avoid being killed by your peers, you might as well look good whilst doing it!"

He walked back inside, dropping his pack on the floor and retrieving his sword from it. Propping it up against the wall, Bobby carefully positioned it so that he could see his own face before pulling out his scalpel.

"Better be careful, this thing has already killed two of its previous owners... Don't want to make it three in a shaving accident of all things,"

A little more rummaging through his bag and Bobby located, after a little while, his own personal effects - not a huge amount, truth be told, but amongst it was his shaving kit (minus razor of course). With that, Bobby was soon scraping at his face with the scalpel, removing shaving cream and a rather large amount of facial hair. Soon enough, he finished, miraculously withOUT cutting himself, which was rather awkward considering what he was using as a mirror, and he rubbed his shaven chin.

"Don't know why I ever kept a beard. Look good without,"

Bobby packed his things back up again, sighed, then sat, putting his back up against the tree. He could stay a while. No need to be on the move all of the time.


Some time passed, and Bobby awoke with a start, realising that he'd fallen asleep in his carelessness. He cursed, and after checking that all of his equipment (and limbs) was intact, got up. Although it had been stupid, at least he'd got some sleep, and thankfully, nothing untoward had happened to him in his slumber. Bobby stood and walked off down the track.

"Have to stay on my toes,"

((Continued in: Mano e Mano))
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