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Seeking Sanctuary
Topic Started: Sep 3 2008, 06:24 AM (2,751 Views)
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There she stood, body en gripped by a rage deep inside her as she watched as the twins took James away. It was so wrong, how could people turn on each other for fun in such a situation? Couldn't Lenny see that he was just turning into a monster, one that would soon have not a single shred of humanity left in him? Although it was apparent by the look on Elizabeth's face that she knew exactly what was going on in his head and it scared her, which Shameeca could see by the look on her face.

She waited after they had gone, for how long she didn't know. Eventually, she picked up her stuff and walked out into the open air, looking to the distance. She would have to think fast for a plan, to find Bree, save James and then get them all as far away from Lenny as she could. No, what Shameeca needed was back-up, some people who could help her save her new found friend from the crazy guy. Hopefully, he would still be alive and not lying in a ditch somewhere because if Lenny was a filthy liar, there was no guarantee, but she would have to take her chances.

She looked into the distance, trying to think which way they would be heading. They would go for somewhere that had shelter, someplace safe and dry, somewhere that Lenny could rest in safety. So a building would be the most likely place. Looking at her map, she decided that if she went by the way of the brook, maybe she could pick up some people to help, maybe even find Bree. After all, not everyone was a total pyschopath, Shameeca still had faith in people. Maybe her faith would be rewarded by saving James.

Off she walked, a girl on a mission, one that would probably end in blood.

((Continued in Mano e Mano))
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