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Topic Started: Aug 21 2008, 10:16 PM (23,633 Views)
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Stuff Happened!
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04:34 SpiralAgnew I support Give A Kitten A Hug Day
04:34 Sophie Sophie 1 : It's not technically incest if you do it yourself
04:34 Acidic Alkaloid: CHIPMUNKS
04:35 Sophie Sophie 2 : What is it called then?
04:35 Sophie Sophie 1 : Interpersonal masturbation?
04:35 Sophie Sophie 3 : Catchy term
04:35 Acidic Alkaloid: If incest is wrong because of potential deformities in the children, does that make same sex incest okay?
04:35 GeneralGoose Gianni 2: I'd describe it as "masturbation with a doppleganger".
04:35 GeneralGoose Gianni 2: No.
04:35 GeneralGoose GIanni 3: Maybe.
04:36 GeneralGoose Gianni 1: Gianni 3 is overruled.
04:36 Sophie 3 gropes Sophie 2's panties
04:36 Sophie 2 slaps Sophie 3's hands
04:36 GeneralGoose Gianni 3: : D
04:36 GeneralGoose Gianni 2: OH THE HUMANITY.
04:36 Sophie Sophie 2 : I didn't give consent bitch
04:37 Sophie Sophie 3 : How can you give consent to yourself?
04:37 SpiralAgnew Dan O'Brien has proved that doing it with your clone is still gay
04:37 Sophie Sophie 5 : Girls *sniffs* I think Sophie 4's dying
04:37 GeneralGoose Gianni 3: Who cares?
04:37 Sophie Sophie 1 : Drama queen
04:37 GeneralGoose Gianni 3: I mean, about what Ian said.
04:37 SpiralAgnew Because as soon as the clone comes into being it gains its own experiences and thoughts, becoming it's own self.
04:37 Acidic Basic: I GET TO SEE A DEAD BODY! FEK YEAH
04:37 GeneralGoose Gianni 3: I guess Sophie 4 dying sucks.
04:38 Sophie Sophie 1 : Hit her round the head then
04:38 GeneralGoose Gianni 3: People die every day.
04:38 Sophie Sophie 5 : People die every day
04:38 GeneralGoose Gianni 2: I blame the Indonesian government's healthcare policy.
04:38 Acidic Acid: Why don't we create a doctor persona?
04:38 Sophie Sophie 5 : But it's not everyday a persona dies *sobs*
04:38 Sophie Sophie 3 : He's doing it again
04:38 GeneralGoose Gianni 3: And a persona dying is even LESS important. : D
04:39 Sophie Sophie 2 : Who?
04:39 GeneralGoose Gianni 2: SHOW SOME COMPASSION.
04:39 Sophie Sophie 3 : Gianni
04:39 GeneralGoose Gianni 1: Shut the fuck up No. 3.
04:39 SpiralAgnew So you're not just doing it with yourself, you're doing it with someone who LOOKS like you, and had the same memories and personality as you up to that point, but is still their own person
04:39 Sophie Sophie 3 : Rambling off about politics
04:39 Sophie Sophie 1 : Spiral has a valid point
04:39 Acidic Alkaloid: What if the clone was brain dead?
04:39 SpiralAgnew Well now that's just creepy
04:40 GeneralGoose Gianni 3: Fuck his valid point. Commence hot make outs and gropings now.
04:40 Sophie Sophie 5 : Sophie 4's a sentient being then! Sophie 4!
04:40 GeneralGoose Gianni 2: No consent in that case, Alka.
04:40 Sophie Sophie 1 : Pretty please Sophie 3, may I take off your panties?
04:40 Acidic Alkaloid: I didn't see anything about needing concent
04:40 Sophie Sophie 3 : Certainly not! I take them off myself
04:40 Acidic *consent
04:41 GeneralGoose Gianni 3: I approve of this.
04:41 Sophie 4 gives off a death rattle
04:41 GeneralGoose Gianni 2: You approve of everything. You lack morals.
04:41 GeneralGoose Gianni 3: SHUT UP 4.
04:41 Acidic Basic: Takes out video camera
04:41 GeneralGoose Gianni 4: *wakes up* Wha?
04:41 GeneralGoose Gianni 3: No, Sophie 4.
04:41 Sophie Sophie 5 : She's dead girls *sobs* You could've comforted her or something *bawls*
04:41 GeneralGoose Gianni 4: Ah. *goes back to sleep*
04:41 Sophie Sophie 3 : What about the orgy?
04:42 Sophie Sophie 1 : We have some problems regarding consent
04:42 GeneralGoose Gianni 1: *facepalms, mumbles under breath*
04:42 Sophie Sophie 2 : Can I grow a penis?
04:42 SpiralAgnew Sadly, I must go to sleep and miss the clone orgy
04:42 Sophie Sophie 1 and 3 : WHAT?
04:42 GeneralGoose Night Ian!
04:42 Acidic Basic: We got more dudes then chick, and I don't think any of them are willing to act like a girl for this orgy
04:43 Sophie Sophie 1, 2, 3 and 5 : Night Spiral!
04:43 GeneralGoose Gianni 3: I will!
04:43 *** SpiralAgnew quit (Quit: http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client)
04:43 GeneralGoose Gianni 1: No you won't!
04:43 Sophie Sophie 3 : Futanari is so ew
04:43 Acidic Basic: Let him do what he wants
04:43 Geno Geno1: oooh
04:43 Sophie Sophie 1 : The problem's consent girls
04:43 Geno Geno 2: come away from there it's not safe.
04:44 *** Dr_Nic quit (Quit: )
04:44 Sophie Sophie 3 : Really? Let's just all agree and screw each other
04:44 Sophie Sophie 2 : Works for me
04:44 GeneralGoose Gianni 3: I ENDORSE THIS.
04:44 Acidic Acid: Even Sophie 4?
04:44 Sophie Sophie 1 : What about her? *points to Sophie 5*
04:45 Sophie Sophie 1 : And her? *points to Sophie 4's body*
04:45 --- KamiKaze is back
04:45 KamiKaze .... WHAT'S GOING ON?!
04:45 Sophie Sophie 2 : We'll do it on top of Sophie 4's body
04:45 Acidic Alkaloid: Dead bodies is actually killing my boner
04:45 Sophie Sophie 1 : Look, our first customer. Hi Kami!
04:46 GeneralGoose Gianni 1: I don't even know, Kami.
04:46 Acidic Basic: We got the AIDS, Kami
04:46 Sophie Sophie 2 : Do it naow
04:46 KamiKaze Everybody got AIDS 'n shit?
04:46 Whirly Oh
04:46 Whirly Hy Geno
04:46 Sophie 1 takes off jeans
04:46 Whirly Sorry I g-blocked you. XD
04:46 Geno hey whirly
04:47 Geno my g-nemesis >:\
04:47 Acidic Alkaloid: yay lesbian orgy
04:47 Sophie Sophie 2 : I have to go to the bathroom guys
04:47 Whirly gives Geno the red velvet cake of apologies.
04:47 Sophie Sophie 1 : Guys is such a male term
04:47 Sophie Sophie 3 : Lets do it
04:48 --- Rattlesnake is away (Auto away)
04:48 Sophie are censored
04:48 Sophie reattaches
04:48 Acidic Basic tapes it all
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