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A Moment's Hesitation/The Pedestrian; Merged!
Topic Started: Aug 19 2008, 11:20 PM (5,648 Views)
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'No-no-no, fuck, don't come this way you idiot!'

Jessa grimaced as Melina sped past the two girls in a frantic retreat, drawing the attention of anyone who cared to follow after her. Fortunately the group that had attacked them now seemed to have crumbled apart, leaving only one member behind. He called to the two girls in a friendly manner.

Although Jessa was sure Renee was being way too trusting of someone who had just recently been throwing exploding shit at them, she still wanted to at the very least see Mel get her ticket punched. Besides, these assholes couldn't be any crazier than she was. Jessa smirked inwardly; the bitch was finally going to get what was coming to--

"Jessa! Ya coming or not!" called Renee, startling Jessa who had been standing right next to her.


((continued in Faith in Nothing))
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Margaret watched the two former allies of Melina flee the scene for whatever reason. She didn't know what they had in mind, but they seemed to be chasing after Melina, not out of loyalty, but out of a lack of better options.

After a bit of thought, she realized that she was in the same boat, and quickly followed them.

((Margaret Tweedy continued elsewhere))
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Renee decided to follow Margaret and an aggravated Jessa out to chase down Melina. She also wondered what happened to Madison while they were here...

((Renee Valenti continued elsewhere))

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