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The Beginning is The End is The Beginning; If you lived here you'd be home by now.
Topic Started: Aug 10 2008, 12:01 AM (3,893 Views)
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Terrie followed along with her group.

((Continued elsewhere.))

Today's the final day to get your kiddos outta here, folks. Let's get a move on.
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"That’s not a prediction, that’s a spoiler.”
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Brad did the exact same thing as Terrie and left the scene.

(EDIT: I swear to god I'll add in something much better here when I get home. XD)

((Continued Elsewhere...))

G052 - Reed, Jasmine - 0% - Falchion - START END
G060 - Pfeiffer, Scout - 100% - Sawlaska Thunderfuck 5000 - START
G025 - Reyes, Audrey - 0% - Nunchaku - START END

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Finished helping Heath to his feet, Petra's breath came sharp and ragged. At least the boy could walk. For a moment she'd wondered if he was dying. "Shit, you're hurt!" Taken aback by the boy's observation, she shook her head. "I-it's fine. I'm ok." That seemed to be enough for him.

Giving a wink, the suddenly cocky boy drew himself up. "Let's Git" Blushing at the familar tone and body language, Petra tried to steady her voice. "Y-yeah. Come on..." Each using the other for support the two left the area behind.

((Petra and Heath continued elsewhere.))
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Without another word, hell there wasn't any needing to be said, Ianto took off rushing out after the other two.

(Dear God, I haven't wrote such a short reply in years.)

[[ Ianto continued elsewhere~ ]]
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