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What would you do if YOU were in SotF?; Actually, factually
Topic Started: Aug 9 2008, 04:46 AM (3,800 Views)
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I had a thought that constantly went through my head. Considering that we are writing out stories where we imagine and take the roles of individuals other then ourselves, it got me thinking: what would I do if I was in that situation?

Well, despite the concept of him being very similar to me, none of my characters are entirely based on me. At least, not completely. In a way, Heath is closest.

Personally, I believe I'd be more of a loner, considering my mentality as of late, I would consider groups as more of a hazard. I'd try my very hardest to survive, though I'd be avoiding fights if the case be.

How about the rest of you?
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I would win.
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Five percent.
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I'd either:

Contemplate suicide.

Or play the game.

Though it really depends on the weapon I get. The people don't really matter in this respect, because when it comes down to trusting others, I don't even trust my own boyfriend sometimes. :huh:

Seriously though
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Mentality-wise, I think I'd wind up acting a lot like my Kallie Majors character. I'd want to find a few people that I REALLY trusted, and to hell with everyone else. 'Cause I mean, there are like, two-three people I know that I'd jump in front of a bullet for, and one of 'em is my mom, so I'm pretty sure THAT one wouldn't be a factor. :P
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As the games go by I end up creating more and more realistic versions of myself to place into the games, I'd play like Guy and knowing me, it'd probably be a former fling that'd take me out.

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Textbook case for Sigmund Freud
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Obviously I would fly away with my portable helicopter. >_>
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I'd probably trust one too many people and get backstabbed. I'd love to claim that I'd play the game tactically and everything, but I think I'd find it a bit too hard to kill people I grew up with.
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I'd probably just do what I always do: get naked.
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What would I do?

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Same thing I've always been doing, Kate: Surviving.

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is the Soul Machine.
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I would hide. I could not physically bring myself to do anything else.

I'd probably end up being killed, but hey. At least I didn't kill.
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throw that pussy like i'm famous
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suicide! :D

but not before bitching, moaning, wetting myself, asking "WHYYYY" over & over, etc etc
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I don't think any of us could really know what we would do... although I think that I can say that I definitely wouldn't kill myself or kill everybody I come accross indiscriminately.
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Super Llama
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Aug 9 2008, 06:16 PM
Obviously I would fly away with my portable helicopter. >_>

And I'd shoot him down with the rocket launcher I'm sure to get because I'm just cool like that. B)
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But would Celeste even want help from a guy that whips out his pistol without a second thought?
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I'd obviously go on a hell-bent rampage and kill everyone with the toothbrush i'd get as a waepon.


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do you want to go to war, balakay?
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Keep as low a profile as humanly possible, and depending on what weapon I drew, I'd probably just try and stick to myself in defense. Of course, if there was certain people in with me, I'd probably protect them at the cost of my own life.
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