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Topic Started: Jul 11 2008, 01:41 AM (890 Views)
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((Gabe from Blood, Sweat, and Tears))

I'm gonna kill that motherfucker... I'm gonna rip out his throat, and I'm gonna shit on his corpse...

Gabe walked out of the jungle, a vacant look crossing his face. His fists were tightened so hard his fingernails were cutting into his skin. Veins throbbed all over his arms and forhead, and his eye began twitching nervously (as it did for him under stress). If someone saw him right now, they'd swear he was about a turn into the Incredible Hulk. Green never suited Gabe anyways.

A short distance from where he emerged from the jungle was a rather steep-looking ravine, over which swung a very old bridge. The bridge was visibly aged, but looked relatively sound, structurally speaking. Gabe reached out for the rpe handrail, unsure of why he would even need to cross. he had no idea where he was going. He just needed to find Natahniel Harris aka Blood Boy. He needed to find him, so he could choke the life from his scrawny body.

Gabe had wandered off on his own, leaving his friends Steve, Viki, and Evan back at the storehouse. He'd done so out of a blind rage over the newfound identity of Kara's killer. And now as he wandered aimlessly across the island, he made even more distance between them via this old swinging bridge. He didn't have to struggle to keep his footing; this wasn't some old Indiana Jones movie winging bridge. It was built on a military base after all, and the military wouldn't take risks like that with their men and equipment. As he slowly advanced across, a pair of people lying on the ground near the opposite end of the bridge caught his eye. By now he'd seen a couple bodies on his journey across the isalnd, so these two were nothing new. As he advanced, he was curious to see who else of his peers had fallen to this game.

The closest individual to Gabe was a male... it looked to be a classmate he knew somewhat well. yes, it was in fact Owen Fontaine. Gabe didn't mourn the loss. Nothing could compare to his losing Kara. The next corpse would give that loss a run for it's money though... it was evidently Courtney, Kara's cousin. Her body lie completely still, almost as if it were a department store manaquin that had fallen over. It was apparant rigormortis had set in, as her limbs looked stiff and cold. Her flesh was ghostly white, and the only color in her face was from the stains of blood that had eminated from her neck. A sinister wound, it would appear. Gabe, though still numb from his psychological breakdown, begand to shed tears once again. He'd heard over the announcements that Courtney had died, but some small part of him wouldn't believe it. He so desperately wanted it to be a mistake, that the announcer had gotten a name mixed up or had mistaken a wound for a fatality. But seeing Courtney in her present state crushed all hope Gabe had for the poor girl he once considred almost family. Tears began to roll down Gabe's face once again, and he stopped moving forward along the bridge.

Why? Why Courtney? She was so good, so sweet.... she never fucking hurt anyone! Why the fuck Courtney? Huh? WHY YOU BASTARDS?!?! . His grip tightened on the rope railing, and he shot a glance downward. The fall was great, and doubtless would break his neck if not outright splatter his skull across the ravine floor. The numbness of his mind prevented him from rationalizing... and he'd never felt so tempted by anything in his life. It would solve the problem alright... solve every problem I've ever had. Just falling and it's all over. No more game. No more problems. Just a quick fall and it's all gone. He tilted his body over and looked straight down. What a monster fall it would be. Nothing to worry about anymore. No more pain... no more anger... He rested his body against the rope handrail and sighed a deep sigh as he rightened his posture back up.

You fucking pussy he thought to himself, as he crossed the bridge, not bothering to look down at Courtney. He made his way through the foliage of the jungle once again to find Blood Boy and serve him his just desserts.

((Gabe continued elsewhere))
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