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The Pretender; (Content Warning)
Topic Started: Jul 7 2008, 04:15 AM (1,908 Views)
don't make me cactus your bitch-ass to death
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((Braden Marsh continued from Three Panel Soul))
((Mortimer Jones continued from Paint it Red))
((Jodene Zalack continued from Lilacs and Lolita))

It'd been somewhat of a miracle, really. At least, that's how Kode Hairesu was looking at it. He'd been scared, absolutely at his wits' end with the situation that had been thrust in front of him. Going it alone? That wasn't his style. He knew of Survival of the Fittest, that much was obvious. How could you not, especially in this day and age? Japan had it's own 'program', and while much of the world argued over the point and the relevance of it, terrorist organizations had begun to start their own all over the world.

Just like this one.

Kode's family had the usual story - like most Japanese immigrants, they'd moved away to flee from the program - something he'd only found out very recently. He'd always assumed that it'd been financial, but upon overhearing an argument between his parents and hearing them talk about 'the program', he'd gone online and done some research of his own. He'd been horrified that what was a terrorist act in the US was government-sanctioned in his homeland of Japan. He had envisioned his parents' escape like something out of an action movie, stowing away on a ship while racing against time to get out of the country. It was how he'd remembered it, at least.

In reality, it was far less glamorous. They'd simply made arrangements and moved away. But from what he remembered as a child, the escape had been glorious and exciting. It hadn't been all that long ago, especially thanks to the fact that he'd been about 9 when he'd left, but still, his memory wasn't as good as he'd like it to be. This was why now, in his current situation, he considered himself fairly lucky. Even drawing something as ridiculous as a bread knife to defend himself with, he couldn't say that he was in all that bad of a position. As he scrambled through the bushes, and hopped over a small outcropping of rocks, he felt secure in his position.

"Come on, guys! Let's keep going!"

As he stopped and glanced behind him, he smiled. Finding a group hadn't been as hard as he'd figured it might be. Sure, he hadn't found Madison yet (which was who he'd really been looking for), but finding a solid group of four wasn't a bad thing at all.

Immediately behind Kode came the tall figure of Mortimer Jones. The tall, pale student was someone who'd been originally figured to be a player in the game, and had originally thought about it upon waking up and realizing his situation. Of course, most of those thoughts had disappeared upon the discovery of his weapon. The long spear, the Japanese 'yari' was nothing to scoff at, but his malaise made proper use of the weapon next to impossible. Add in a touch of depression which made him simply impossible to motivate, and a typical 'game motivator', he was not. Mortimer had met up with Kode very shortly after he'd opted against playing the game, and the boy's natural leadership abilities had swayed the scales the direction of grouping up with him - rather than stabbing him through the eye.

It had always been an option, of course. Ever since the accident, life just hadn't really seemed worth living - and of course, Mortimer kind of figured that it was just karma coming back to bite him in the ass. He'd been unable to save his brother, his parents hated him - and he them, and then he'd gone through life without giving a damn. Here comes Survival of the Fittest, and everyone realizes how much - or how little they really cared. In Mort's case, it happened to be very little.

"We're coming, maybe if you wouldn't walk so fast..."

He trailed off, leaving the comment in the air. He didn't know why he'd stuck with the group, and his generally antagonistic attitude made him wonder why the group had stuck with him. In thinking this, he wasn't alone, for Joseph Gai, immediately behind him, crinkled his brow and frowned. The grumpy Mortimer hadn't been the most pleasant travelling companion, and he couldn't help but wonder if it'd be better off ditching him instead of dragging his miserable ass along for the ride.

All along, Joe's intentions were to escape Survival of the Fittest. The hell with Danya, the hell with his game - were his thoughts on the matter. Joe was smart enough to have a plan of action, and he was lucky enough to have attended many anti-SOTF protests, including some of the ones that former winner Adam Dodd had spearheaded. He'd listened to what Dodd had to say, and watched every tape that he could at the game - they were fairly easy to get at the library. He'd always figured that the players had missed the obvious signs of escape, and being an intuitive and intelligent guy, Joe knew that if faced with that kind of situation, he wouldn't make the same mistakes. In retrospect, he wished that he'd actually needled the somewhat-antisocial Dodd a little bit more, pried his brain for some secrets of SOTF. Of course, he didn't have time for that - devoting his entire life to studying the terrorist actions would be futile and stupid - at least, this is what he'd thought.

Damn it, that's sure gonna' end up costing me if I can't pull this off, ain't it?

As he stepped through the bushes and over the rocks, Joe saw the beginnings of what looked to be a fairly large lagoon. They were standing upon the point that overlooked the water, and the long drop below didn't appear to be that safe; at least, it wasn't one that Joe himself wanted to take. Scratching his back with the whip he'd been given, Joe grinned and took in the view, forgetting for a moment about the game.

"Wow guys, check it out! It's...it's beautiful!"

As the bushes rustled behind him, Joe glanced over his shoulder as Braden Marsh came limping out of the bushes.

"What is...oh, wow!"

Braden had always been a pretty good friend of Joe's, and it made the circumstances relatively fortuitious that the two of them had run into one another. Braden wasn't exactly in the best of shape anymore - mainly due to his knee injury and limp than anything, but Joe had been a guy who he'd never really had a hard time talking to. The Native American had shared his passion for reading, and the arts, and the two had become fast friends after spending many days in the library, talking over various subjects. It gave Braden somewhat a sense of security, which he really figured that he needed. Running into Joe had been a stroke of good luck, and the morning star he'd been issued hadn't been too shabby, either. Braden hadn't been too sure of what was exactly happening, and like most of the others, had been terrified, but Joe seemed to have a plan, and was confident. They'd run into Kode and Mortimer shortly after, and while he sort of knew Mortimer from having seen him around school, Joe seemed to trust them implicitly. Of course, they hadn't given him any reason to doubt them, and so he figured - what the hell? He wasn't going to be terribly useful in any big fight, so a group to protect him and watch his back would probably be pretty useful.

As Braden caught up with the rest of the group, he took in the sight that the rest of them were beholding - the beautiful lagoon. Joe was right to think it so, as it seemed to be relatively untouched, from where they were standing. Aside from the steep drop, it might be a good spot to rest up for a bit.

"Hey, guys...I'm thinking we may want to take a rest here, what d'you say?"

Kode nodded (he'd sort of nominated himself as the de-facto leader) and glanced around the area. It was a small clearing of sorts, as the trees gave way to the lagoon below. He might have described it as...majestic, perhaps.

As Mortimer grumbled and looked around for something to sit on, he took a second to glance out towards the lagoon below. It was a steep drop, and it'd be a good place to throw someone off and say that it was an accident - at least, if someone were playing. He was still debating it in his own mind, and wasn't sure, at least at this point, as to what he was going to do. The group was beginning to wear thin upon him, and he figured that when the time was right...

His thoughts trailed off as he blinked and did a double-take, looking out towards the lagoon. SHaking his head, he looked again, and squinted to try and make out what he saw below...it appeared to be a small figure, a girl...and she was waving at them.

"Uhh...hey, guys...check it out...there's somebody down there!"

Immediately his companions sprang to their senses, scrambling to take a look at the figure below. Mortimer had been correct, it was a girl, and she was waving at them, trying to get their attention. Joe, figuring that the more, the better, waved back, and waved at her to come and join them. This was met from the skepticism Braden had for letting just anyone come and join them.

"You sure that's a good idea, Joe? We don't know who she is, if she's killed anyone, or whatev, y'know?"

"Doesn't matter, Braden. If someone else needs help, I say we should try and give it to them. Especially if it can help us get out of here."

Breaking in, Kode raised his eyebrow at Joe.

"When ARE you going to let the rest of us in on your plan, anyway, Joseph? I'm beginning to wonder..."

Joe narrowed his eyes, and put his finger to his lips to shush him.

"I can't say anything, except that I need a computer. C'mon, you KNOW they're listening!"

Piping in, Mortimer raised an eyebrow. "Mmm, he has a point."

Sighing, Kode nodded and put his hands up in front of him.

"Yeah, yeah...you're right. Well, let's wait for this lady to come up and meet us..."

Chuckling, Braden took a seat on a log near to the ledge. "Lady? C'mon, man. Too formal for this crowd."

Kode only shook his head, as Joe grinned at his friend. Formal was right. The last thing they needed now was formality. They were all friends, here. That was all they had to hold on to. They'd put aside the death, the killing. They'd forgotten about the shitty weather - which was still pouring all over them. All they had now was each other.


It'd been a long time since Wade Wilson had run into anyone, or even seen a single human being. The only company that he'd had throughout much of his jaunt upon the island was his own mind, and that was scaring him enough as it was.

"And this god-awful narrator, to boot! Come on, man! I'm a lot more interesting than THAT!"

Wade was, of course, well into his descent into madness, and as it had been days since he'd last taken his pills, the medication within his system was beginning to break down, and impulses that he'd only ever had once were beginning to rise to the forefront.

"Descent into madness?! Holy cliché alert, Batman! Was it a dark, and stormy night, too?! Was I giving a hundred-and-ten percent, and having no 'I' in 'TEAM'? WELL GUESS WHAT, MISTER NARRATOR!? THERE'S A 'ME' in 'TEAM', SO YOU LOSE!"

Thankfully for Wade, most of his incoherent ramblings were being drowned out by the pouring rain, proving that it was, indeed, a dark and stormy night - so the cliche went. Wade had been long past caring about the weather, it didn't seem to register with him that he was soaked to the bone, and

"Are you kidding me!? It isn't registering!? COME ON, I'm DRENCHED HERE! I'm just not bitching and complaining about it! Unlike SOME unoriginal narrators. JEEZ!"

as he wandered throughout the forest, little was making sense in his own mind anymore. It was almost as though he'd split into a completely seperate personality from his own, and that personality had very little trouble attacking or causing harm to others. It was as though the part of his body that controlled it had evaporated. Within himself, though...a part of Wade was terrified, knowing that it was no longer in control of his actions, and silently thanking the heavens that Wade hadn't run into anyone yet.

"What is this, a bad romance novel? You've got to be kidding me!"

As Wade talked to himself, he brushed through the same bushes that the group he'd (unintentionally) been following had just come through. Following what appeared to be a path of knocked-over bushes

"Well, obviously I'm following someone, being as bushes don't generally grow BROKEN, now do they!?"

, Wade saw a clearing coming closer and closer into view in front of him. Hearing voices from the area in front of him, Wade figured that he'd just wander up and introduce himself, getting in good with a group and giving himself some people to talk to. Instead, as the figures came into view, Wade gasped, and backpedalled, falling to the wet ground, mouth agape at what he saw.

"Jesus-titty-fuckin'-Christ! IT's...it's..."

What he saw before him would scar him for the rest of his days on this planet, and was in fact perhaps his worst fear, come to life.

In front of Wade Wilson, he saw four distinct figures, all holding various weapons, and sitting, relaxing, seemingly enjoying the rain. What terrified him so was the fact that all four people were skeletons, and their beady red eyes glowed a fierce red that went all the way to his soul and chilled him to the bone. Feeling a sense of terror that he'd never really felt before, Wade began hyperventilating, and cursing Lady-Luck

"She's a bitch!"

that he'd not been given a better weapon. The nightstick was all that he had to defend himself with, and against evil, demonic skeletons? He didn't know if this was a battle that he could win. He knew, however, that he had absolutely no choice in the matter. If he didn't kill the skeletons, they were going to capture him, eat his brains, and use the rest of him to replace their departed flesh.


Readying his nightstick, Wade looked at it, glanced back at the skeletons, and then gave the end of the police baton a kiss, for good luck.

"Don't fail me now, Maribel!"

Charging into the area, Wade tried to push his fear deeply back within him. It was all he could do to try and turn around and run the other way. Jumping out of the clearing, he very clearly surprised all of the four skeletons, who were apparently in conversation about swimming up at their cottages. This also offended Wade, because if the skeletons had cottages of their own, it meant that nowhere was safe, not even the refuge of some northern getaway.

"AHA! La skellette! Je nai pas peur! Je suis un mourir de la skellettes! Préparer pour la DOOOOOOOOOOOM!"

Switching into (rusty and terrible) french for very little reason at all, Wade jumped towards the skeleton nearest to the drop (of which Wade took note of) and swung his nightstick at its face. A loud CRACK later, and the skeleton screamed in agony, then staggered back and disappeared from view, screaming as it did so. The rest of the skeletons roared in anger and jumped from their positions, readying their weapons and preparing to strike at him. As one with a spear took a jab at him, Wade evaded it and kicked out at the skeleton's bony arm. He connected, and the demonic monster screamed with a cry that chilled him to the bone. Diving to the side to avoid a pointed morning star from crushing his head in, Wade swung out with the nightstick at the skeleton with the spear.


The nightstick connected, and the skelton tumbled to the ground, sadly not losing its cohesion and grunting as it pulled itself up. Screaming a cry of anger that seemed to come from the depths of hell, one skeleton lashed out at him with a whip. The whip hit Wade, and cut him on the chest, drawing blood immediately. Falling back, somewhat in shock, Wade shook his head.

There's no way that I'm letting shit out of a video game defeat me in Survival of the Fittest. No freakin' way!

Rolling to the left to evade another attempt with the whip, Wade sprang to his feet and swung out at the skeleton with the spear, who was just getting to its feet. It caught the nightstick in the face, and went down, crying out in agony. The other two skeletons looked at each other, and both charged him simletaneously. Thinking quickly, Wade reached down, grabbing the spear that the one skeleton had dropped in its clumsiness, and jabbed out at the closest skeleton to him. The spear did its job as it impaled the one with the morning star right through the knee, dropping it in its tracks and causing it to let out a primal roar. Grunting, Wade seized the opportunity, as the other stopped suddenly in concern for its fellow soldier of death, and Wade ran at him, speartackling him and sending him falling backwards, and over the edge. Getting to his feet, Wade looked around, and saw that there were only two left to deal with. The one that'd started with the spear seemed to be out cold - maybe dead, maybe not. He didn't know if he could take the chance.

Picking up his nightstick, he crept towards the downed skeleton, hoping that it wouldn't jump up and suck out his brains. That'd definitely ruin his day. As he neared the downed demon, Wade raised the nightstick, and tried to make up his mind. He didn't know if the baton would be enough to crush the skeleton's head, so he might have to focus upon the glowing red eyes, that chilled him to the bone.

"Go back to hell, foul beast! How's that for cliched, narrator man!?"

With ferocity that he didn't know he had, Wade plunged the blunt end of the nightstick directly into the skeleton's eye, causing it to howl in pain and anger. But he had a job to finish. Again and again he stabbed at the skeleton's eyes, batting the hands away when they tried to fend him off. Finally, the red glow was no more, but still Wade kept jabbing. The skeleton juice coated his arms, but still he kept thrusting away with the nightstick, refusing to stop until the skeleton's wailing stopped. It only took a few moments, but when Wade finally got through the eyes into the skeleton's demonic brain, and mushed it up into nothingness, the foul beast finally silenced. Satisfied with his work, Wade now turned his attention to the other disabled skeleton on the ground, spear sticking through its knee. This skeleton seemed to be angrier now, and Wade immediately regretted not hitting it in a more vital spot as it threw itself at him, tackling him to the ground and throwing punches at his head.

Taking the best course of action available to him, Wade headbutted the skeleton back, immediately regretting it as his head then ached. Still, he dragged himself up off the ground and lunged for the morning star that this skeleton had been carrying. He got to it first, a second before the monster, and immediately swung upwards, catching the skeleton squarely in the face. In agony, the monster stopped, and flailed its arms, unsure of what to do. Grunting as he rose to his feet, Wade knew what he'd have to do. Grabbing the handle, he pulled the morning star from the face of the skeleton, taking much of its face with it. The sound of screaming was beginning to wear thin upon him, and Wade again swung the morning star at the bony fright. It again caught it in the face, this time dropping the monster in its tracks, silencing it and causing it to go limp as it gurgled, and died. Wade didn't stop there, but pulled out the morning star and brought it down again, making sure that the monster wouldn't arise from its hellish rest anytime soon.

With the threat dealt with, Wade felt proud. He was tired, hurt, and bleeding, but proud. He'd fought one of his worst fear - four living, hellish skeletons, and he'd won. It felt good, it felt DAMN good.

"I am a fucking LEGEND."

Grabbing the spear out from the leg of the most recently deceased monster, and reaching down to grab the whip that lay on the ground, Wade then heard a loud gasp, and looked up with a start. What he saw in front of him scared him more than any skeleton, any clown, or any angry Russian on PCP had ever scared him before.


Jodene Zalack still wasn't sure that she'd made a good move. She'd been hit by a bullet that Corbin Arlen had fired at her directly after she'd killed Khrysta Lawrence in cold blood, and then had wandered around for a day, having been branded a killer, and regretting it the entire time. She wanted to escape, sure. But was it worth the price that it had cost her to try and play the game? It didn't seem like it had been, and now all she wanted was to find a group and try and go home. The right way, the honest way. Convincing them? That'd be another matter. She hadn't seen anyone alive until she'd been wandering down by the lagoon, and had seen the outlines of figures at the top of it. She'd waved, and they'd waved back, and since, she'd spent the entire time trying to figure out how to get to them. It had taken a little while - maybe ten or fifteen minutes, but now she'd finally managed to figure out how to get up to the top of the lagoon. The cheerleader wasn't sure what she'd find there, but she hoped that they would accept her, nonetheless. Maybe they hadn't listened to the announcements, and maybe they'd be fine with her.

I'll tell them it was self-defense, and we'll be good...right? Right? Jeez, I hope so.

But what she saw when she emerged from the path to the top wasn't what she'd been expecting at all. It seemed as though someone else had met up with her potential jolly group, and she'd missed out something fierce. That someone, though, seemed to be still there, and not knowing what else to do, Jodene froze, and let out a very loud gasp, attracting his attention and, thanks to her inability to act, likely sealing her own fate. As she tried to will herself to run, she found that her body was nonresponsive, and as the man looked at her, she felt a chill go down her spine.

What's that old saying? The lights are on, but there's damn sure nobody home in this little house...


Wade couldn't believe his eyes. Danya was really pulling out all the stops, he'd obviously made a deal with the devil - or maybe even WAS the devil, and had decided that kids killing kids wasn't good enough anymore. Now, he had to send the big guns out.

He went out and sent a succubus after them.

Wade had heard of succubi, and he knew what they were, but damn sure never expected to see one in real life. He always thought that they attacked you when you were sleeping, and drained your energy. Of course, this one was alive, and well, and obviously shocked that her bony backup had been decimated by the skeleton-killer, Wade Wilson. Deep down inside, he knew that all of this was Adam Dodd's fault, too. It was odd that he figured it, and was conflicted as to how exactly it was. He didnt' know how Dodd was involved, but assumed that it was Danya's hatred of the former winner that had made him involve Satan and his minions, and they were probably looking for any ginger-kids they could get their hands on, but now? Now they were here, looking at Wade Wilson, and he found himself again concerned. Skeletons were one thing, but a succubus? That was another.

The other reason he blamed Adam Dodd was because he suddenly realized that his nemesis' name was Adam Dodd. He figured that it was a different one, but he wasn't sure. It confused him, and the fact that the succubus stood in front of him negated that thought pattern altogether right now. It would have to be discovered and analyzed later, as now was just not a good time for Wade.

Sex was the weapon that the Succubus used, and Wade wasn't sure, but maybe it would be the thing that would destroy it - at least, the sexual organs. Not wasting any time, Wade raised the spear, and cried out in anger.


Without hesitation, Wade tossed the spear at the succubus, which pierced its torso right through the middle, causing it to grunt, and collapse to the ground. Raising his eyebrows, he found himself surprised at his strength in throwing the spear. Perhaps he was destined to be a great adventurer after all. Nonetheless, he bound over to the gasping succubus and yanked at what it wore for pants, which really left very little to the imagination. Tearing them from its body, Wade took his nightstick, and with a cry of "DIE!", thrust the large end of the nightstick into the demon's sexual organ, recalling somewhere that it had to be killed through it's sexual organ. He jammed the nightstick in and out multiple times, causing the succubus to moan in a mixture of pleasure and pain, Doing it several times until he realized that it wasn't working as well as he wanted it to. It was gaining strength, it could rise up again. If that happened...? He'd be toast.

Leaving the nightstick nearly buried hilt-deep in the beast, Wade ran over and grabbed the morning star, prying it away from the dead skeleton's face, and used it like a baseball bat on the succubus, smacking the nightstick all the way in, until blood spurted out and the succubus was no longer gasping in pleasure, but screaming in agony. As it did, Wade reached into it's sexual orifice and pulled the bloody nightstick out, and then took the morning star, and with only a slight hesitation, jammed it forward and all the way into the succubus. He then took the weapon by the handle nad thrust it up and down, causing the succubus great pain. It wrenched, and writhed, and finally, with one great sigh, it stopped moving, and died.

Leaving the weapon lodged within the succubus' pelvic region, Wade stood up and felt like a fucking god. He'd not only braved kids, skeletons, and a succubus, but he'd done it all with a minimum of weapons and a minimum of sanity. There was no challenge that he couldn't take on, no beast that couldn't be slayed.

"I am Wade Wilson...demon slayer!"

Glancing around wildly, Wade found a camera hanging off a tree, and wandered over to it, covered in skeleton-juice and succubus blood. Looking at the camera with a grin, he decided to send a message to his enemies.

"COME ON, Danya! It's not enough that you send kids to kill other kids, but you have to unleash skeletons, and a succubus too!? Isn't that overkill!? Aren't we doing a good enough job?! Well tell Diablo that his minions aren't strong enough! I'm coming to get you, Danya, and I'm coming to get Adam Dodd, too! But not the one on the island, no! The other one! Just you wait, you sorry bastards! You'll be sorry for unleashing the plague of demons upon us all! I'll fix you, and then history will always remember the name...WADE WILSON!"

With that, Wade grabbed his nightstick and trotted off.


Joseph Gai wasn't sure what the hell just happened. Everything had happened so quickly, and the guy was acting like a madman...he'd come out of nowhere, and attacked Kode, knocking him in the head and sending him over the cliff. After some scuffling, the kid had stolen Mortimer's spear, impaled Braden with it, and speartackled him off the cliff. That was where everything seemed to slow down until he'd hit the water, and the wind had been knocked out of him. He'd blacked out for a moment, but panicked and tried to get out of the water. As he'd gotten his bearings, he'd discovered (with a sense of great loss) that Kode had not been so lucky on his fall down the cliff. He'd fallen too close to the edge, and had fallen head first onto a very sharp pointed rock jutting out of the ground, which had impaled him, and by the looks of things, had exploded his head and a good deal of his neck, leaving his corpse sticking vertically in the air as though it were on a popsicle stick. The sight had made Joseph sick to his stomach, and he'd immediately thrown up in the water, and scrambled to the nearest shoreline. He'd bolted to the top to try and help his friends, but when he got there, the sight that he saw before his eyes...

...Joseph was far too late. As he came out of the bushes, his eyes took in the sights in front of him, and he instinctively lost what little remained of his stomach contents.

Mortimer lay on the ground where he'd originally fallen, but both of his eye sockets looked as though they'd been bashed in with a blunt object - likely that nightstick. Blood was EVERYWHERE, and there was nothing left of either of his eyes, and one eye socket looked to have grey matter sticking out of it. Mortimer was undoubtedly dead, there was absolutely no doubt about it.

The corpse next to Mortimer was also in a state of horrific disrepair, as most of its face and head were gone, bashed in with what looked like a spiked morning star. Like with what was left of Mortimer, blood was everywhere, and the area was just red all over. Joe cringed as he knew that this corpse was his friend, Braden. Finally, there was a third corpse, this one in the worst condition of them all.

Joseph's blood ran cold as he saw the condition of this one. It was the girl who'd waved to them, but she had a spear through her chest, and her vaginal area looked to be exposed and completely destroyed, a morning star handle sticking out from between her legs, blood covering the entire area and most of the body. Her death was likely incredibly...unpleasant.

"Dear lord, why would anybody do this to each other!?"

Joseph looked up at the sky and into the rain in despair, which would prove to be the last thing he would ever see. From behind him, A sharp kukri knife came jabbing into the soft tissue in his neck, causing instant paralysis as it cleaved through his tendons and into his neck bones. As his spinal cord was severed by the sharp knife, Joseph hardly had time to react, but only felt a sense of frustration as his life ended right then and there. The sharp knife went through his neck, and even as his corpse collapsed to the ground, the wielder didn't stop cutting. In fact, after he had severed Joseph Gai's head, he continued cutting, effectively quartering the boy, and then taking the heart and cutting out of the body. Holding the heart up in the air, the person plunged the knife into it, stabbing into the ground.

Now completely covered in blood, Wade got up, pulling the knife out of the ground as he stood. Shaking his head as he looked at his handiwork, he sighed heavily as the rain washed some of the blood from his hands.

"Man, I absolutely HATE vampires! What am I, Wade Wilson, vampire slayer? Thought only girls did that...this is getting ridiculous, isn't armed teenagers enough for these people?!"

As he shook his head in dismay, Wade patted his pocket, and with whip, nightstick, and kukri knife in hand, Wade Wilson went out to try and rid the world of skeletons, demons, vampires, Mr. Danya, and certain people named Adam Dodd who may not in fact be on the island with him.

Somewhere inside of Wade, a part of him began sobbing, and wouldn't stop for many hours after. Wade took this as a minor annoyance, and simply kept walking.

He had demons to slay.

((Wade continued somewhere else))

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