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The Third Announcement; ...after a short delay!
Topic Started: May 6 2008, 03:51 PM (2,833 Views)
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"That’s not a prediction, that’s a spoiler.”
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I'm very sorry everyone if I sound like an asshole, but this is just impossible. I can understand Repeate's, LaZ's and Meg's reasons, but deaths shouldn't take this long. I also think that no one should be begging you to kill off your characters: It's your duty to figure that out yourselves. Deaths can be a very simple process if you want them to. I'm sorry, but at this rate the Mid-month rolls will be delayed as well unless if we finish the deaths today...

And if you don't think the NEWBIE has to tell you guys this, then Meg shouldn't either.

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I gave my rights to Chase, and then gave full permission for Godmodding as I would be disappearing. I don't have reliable access, so I won't be able to finish out the round.

Adonis is dead. Julia is on the block. Whoever wants to kill her off can have her, G-Mode and all. Nicky is up for adoption, the only thing I ask is that whoever takes him makes his story a good one. Please treat him as if he were your own from the beginning.

Thanks, I'll be around in the fall.
Takeshi Yoshikawa
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Considering Julia's death ties directly into Braden's, which Chase is painstakingly handwriting *winces* at the moment, I'm gonna say that as of right now, Julia's rights have already been claimed.
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