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Where was life when it had a...; ...meaning?
Topic Started: Apr 2 2008, 01:49 AM (1,035 Views)
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((Continued from The Barracks))

Back to the scene of the crime...

This was was Julie was thinking as the jungle vegetation finally gave way to reveal the familiar bridge hanging over the ravine just ahead. Her neck prickled slightly, ever more aware of the collar around her throat. Knowing that she was wandering into a temporary danger zone, so many things could go completely wrong. The terrorists forgetting to disable her collar temporarily was one which Julie dreaded to think of the consequences. Regardless, she strode into the area, albeit nervously. After a few tense seconds, nothing happened. It was then that Julie was able to calm slightly, and continue. She kept her knife close...though it was probably a useless move by this point as she was in a temporary danger zone.

Making her way towards the bridge, she winced slightly due to her slightly injured knee, which still stung from the cuts she had acquired tripping in the grove. Retracing her steps hadn't been all that difficult, though Julie barely remembered crossing this way. No doubt it was due to the fact that at the time she had been in deep shock after unintentionally killing that boy...

...speaking of whom, the lifeless shell of the one named Owen Fontaine was still there, unmoved from where he had fallen deathly still against the ground.

Once again, a pang of guilt and nausea rose up in Julie's chest. Feeling sick, she mustered up the fortitude to prevent herself from throwing up there and then. As much as she loathed to go anywhere near it, as much as the sight of the corpse lying in a pool of its own blood sent violent chills down her spine, it was the sheer feeling of regret for her actions that compelled her to draw closer.

The destroyed skull, the blood that had seeped out of it, the brain matter that had spilled to the ground...all of it had been her handiwork. She never wanted it to end up this way. All it'd took was just one mere instance of clouded judgement on her part...

...and now because of her, Owen was dead...

Julie's face contorted as she stared at the dead boy.

"....I'm sorry." She crouched down in front of the corpse and buried her face in her knees, suddenly feeling tears come to her eyes.


No matter how sorry she was, it wouldn't erase what she had done. No matter how much guilt she felt inside, it wouldn't bring him back to life. He was gone now, and Julie still alive to live with the regrets of her mistake.

But something told her it was useless to regret. Julie lifted her tear-stained face somewhat, staring absently into the distance, still hugging her knees somewhat. If she continued to wallow in self-pity and guilt, what good would she be to anyone? Certainly not to Owen. Not Adam. Not herself, even. Or to him...

She stood up, letting out a sigh of release. Julie knew, she had to be strong. She'd known that things would end up this way since she awoke to find herself a contestant of this horrendous game. All she could do was keep on going, as she had promised herself she would. A promise she'd made since nearly two years ago.

Steel-green eyes shifted towards the centre of the bridge, where a crate could be seen, sitting there for all to see. Somewhat cautiously, Julie approached the crate, having absolutely no faith in the honour behind Danya's intentions. Taking a deep breath, she pulled the lid of the crate open, and carefully peered inside to examine the contents.

Julie's eyes widened slightly when she saw what was inside. After a moment spent in stunned silence, her eyes closed...and she let out a smirk. The smile on her face was cold and grim.

Well...how thoughtful. For a present. Standing up, Julie heaved the daypack onto her shoulders.

Surely I'll have to return the favour to Danya one day. It's only fair after all.

Sighing in satisfaction, she left the now empty crate behind, walking back towards the jungle, holding the JS 9mm submachine gun in her hand.

((Continued in Der Metzgermeister))
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Lady's Lineup:

Alive: Julie Mikan(at the Marsh), Alice Jones(at the Jailhouse)

Dead: Luke Rowan, Nadine Willowbrook, Galen Neilson

v4: Mina "Yulin" Bathory, Gwynnes "Gwyn" Whitaker
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