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18 and Life; Your crime is time and it's...
Topic Started: Mar 28 2008, 09:53 PM (2,925 Views)
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Ianto found himself giving Brad a curious look at his statement, glancing off for a moment before smirking and shaking his head, “Yeah but you just passed out… for like ten minutes at that, I really wouldn’t count that as actually getting quality rest.” He muttered, glancing over toward the girls and noting that Serenity seemed to have already fallen asleep… which was good considering she needed it, out of all of them she was in the worst shape. Both Brad and Terrie also had his concern, but they seemed to be in a lot better shape, and both were also looking better—well as better as the both of them could be considering all that had happened in the past few hours.

Still matter of fact was he was in the best condition, both mentally and physically, that it really did make the most sense for him to take the first guard sift. Still though, he had a feeling Brad would protest until he just knocked the other boy over the head with the butt of his rifle. But that probably wouldn’t do the other boy any good, sighing somewhat and trying to think of a way to go about this… but he didn’t think for long because the familiar crackling of the intercom system coming on over the howling wind outside distracted him, causing him to glance toward one of the nearby windows with a curious glance.

Listening to the voice with a confused look, because this wasn’t the voice they where at all at used too… listening to the meek and stutter filled voice as he began to speak. Apparently this assistance, whoever this was as he went on to go over the announcement, listening to the names that where spoken… somewhat happy to say he heard a few that had been in past announcement as killers, and now they where died that meant that it was safer for the rest of them. Glancing toward Terrie as she spoke, frowning a little at her words… he couldn’t say he knew either of the boys really well, but it was still terrible either way that their classmates and friends where still continuing to be killed.

He didn’t have the chance to say much of anything though to perhaps help the Terrie in some sort of comfort before the voice continued announcing the danger zones… cursing lightly as he pulled himself up onto his feet. Nodding toward Terrie as she spoke and glancing to Serenity, moving toward the girl and leaning over her somewhat, placing a hand against her shoulder and trying to shake her awake, “Hey Serenity, you need to get up.” Ianto said lightly, sighing a little and glancing off for a moment before focusing back on the girl. “We’ve got ourselves into some trouble so we need to get out of here.”
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Serenity was jerked awake by the nudging of Ianto. He said that they had gotten themselves into trouble. She didn’t understand. Terrie had taken her things onto her shoulder, and looked as if she were about to leave. Why were they leaving? Serenity attempted to sit up, but the dizziness in her head only made her fall back with a groan. She moved her hand to her head, and felt as if she were on fire.

She could barely open her eyes. Looking anywhere made her feel queasy. She forced herself into a seated position, and nearly lost what little was in her stomach when she did so. She turned to Ianto and looked at him quizzically.

“Wh-What’s going on? I feel like I’m melting…” She had to brace herself on her good hand as she stared at Ianto. Just what was going on?

“Why are we leaving?”

((Continued in Sadist))
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(Got Mitsu's permission to get Serenity out of the area as well. You guys better hurry! :) )

Brad wasn't going to laugh. He really didn't want to, but he managed to crack a grin despite his protests. He wanted to be serious but with someone like Dorian (whom Brad had no idea was actually Danya's assistant) stuttering through the announcements, it was hard taking things seriously. However this didn't last long, Simon's name was called, and instantly his smile disolved. He sighed rather loudly in annoyance.

"... kinda glad the coward's dead..."

Was that him saying that? Brad thought so. It certainly sounded like him, but he never knew he could be so hateful. He pulled himself together and bolted back into character.

"... and sorry about Trey." he finished, making eye contact with Terrie. He wanted to say something else, but his thoughts were interrupted.


Did they just say that the jailhouse had turned into a dangerzone? That was where....

Brad put his hands to the sides of his head and sighed again. "Oy Vey... and I was beginning to like this place too. Alright, we've got to get the hell out of here. We all got ten minutes before our heads go..." Kablam? What was this, a Looney Tunes cartoon? Brad sighed for the third time in five minutes. "Well, you all know what I mean..."

Brad eyes turned down to Serenity struggling to get up, and he grimaced. Serenity was a really sweet girl and all, but she was very weak. Kind of useless, but Brad wasn't going to leave anyone behind. He hated Simon and how cowardly he was, but that wasn't reason enough for him to feel someone at fault at what happened. He wasn't going to let the same thing happen to Serenity. He sighed a fourth time in a row, and knelt down.

"Alright Serenity. Don't try to strain yourself, you need all the energy you have. Let me just carry you out."

He felt like the hero in a disaster movie, or the protagionist in an action movie when he lifted Serenity in his arms. She was... certainly heavier than he first imagined she would. Serenity looked like a stringbean from afar, but she weighed much much more. Or maybe Brad was slightly out of shape? Was he tired? It felt like it, but Brad wasn't in the position to take a rest now. Maybe later. Hell he wouldn't be doing this if Serenity were able to walk, or he would have just let Ianto take her.

"Alright guys! What are we waiting for?" Brad barked before heading out the door. He rushed down the stairs as fast as he could without letting go of Serenity. Damn it... the things I do for people...

(Continued elsewhere... IN SPAAACCCEEE!))

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Ianto frowned a little at Serenity's shaky question, deciding that she was already in a weakened state and probably didn't need to know that at any minute their throats where probably going to be blown out. That really just didn't sound like anything that they needed to worry with her with, namely now when she almost seemed to be doing a lot worse than she had when she had gone to sleep that short time ago surprisingly. Glancing upward between Brad as he spoke concerning Simon and Trey, once again really not being terribly familiar with the two beyond knowing their names and a couple of classes they certainly what he considered friends, sifting his glance back to Serenity with a sigh and little smile.

But he pushed it aside as Brad stepped up, and knelt down to where Serenity was sitting up in bed. Ianto looking curious as the other male apparently became infused with a-typical movie-hero, and picked Serenity up bridal style and began toward the door and the stairs on a mission it seemed—which would totally understandable considering what was about to happen to them. Pushing himself up right as he got his things back into his pack and slung it onto his shoulder with a huff and moving to where he had left his rifle and slinging it onto his shoulder as well. Making a small sound toward Brad’s barked order as he glanced back to Terrie with a shrug.

“Guess he’s right, won’t be able to do much if we lose our necks.”

That said, he turned forward again and made his way toward the door and down the stairs after Brad and Serenity. Terribly tried of all this running around, if they weren’t being shot at they where being caught in danger zones—at this point no longer caring where they went as long as they found somewhere where they could rest if it was even for a little bit. Glancing back as he ran to back sure that Terrie was following them before hoping down the last two stairs with a small sound and continuing out the door of the jail house, though it would have been a great place to rest it didn’t seemed that this game was going to be letting up anytime soon for them.

[[ Ianto continued in Sadist ]]
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Terrie followed behind the rest of her group, frantically running out of the area before the unthinkable could happen.

((Continued in Sadist))
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