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Fade Into You
Topic Started: Mar 1 2008, 02:45 PM (3,031 Views)
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((continued from Fuck the Game))

Nigel began to notice (with some bemusement) how hard Neil was trying to establish himself as the leader. It wasn't that he had any real desire to lead the motley crew of doomed highschoolers, by no means, but when Neil had cut in front of him to lead them out of the marsh he'd nearly tripped the larger boy up and sent him into the nasty grey muck. Was it that big a deal who was in front? And naming the group; was he taking this as seriously as he should've been?

'Whatever,' he shrugged to himself as they reached the cottage. 'Let him play captain. He's got some good ideas, anyway.'

However, when Neil decided to signal them all to wait Nigel simply scoffed and headed in after him, giving the others a shake of his head. Someone was in the house, and he approached the doorway to see what was going on with her and Neil.
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