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Walk Amongst the Dead
Topic Started: Feb 25 2008, 04:34 PM (3,370 Views)
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Matt was tired of playing catch up with Kallie. She was a powerful figure in his mind, and she seemed to tolerate him more than anyone else thus far had. And she even gave him an ambiguous answer. She didn’t exactly tell him not to follow her. Then again… she hadn’t been the best of allies. The fact that she had no problem with letting him die to save herself unnerved him to no end. Matt was tired of her. He was not going to follow Kallie this time.

“Sorry… but I think it’s time I left you Kallie…” He said under his breath as she walked away after Guy and Alice. He and Ken were soon the only two left in the graveyard.

“I’m out of here… You can come with if you want… I guess…” He said turning to Ken before trudging off in the opposite direction of Guy’s group.

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((Ken continued in Drag You Down))
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