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Okay Ladies.
Topic Started: Dec 15 2007, 12:59 PM (1,060 Views)
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And gentlemen too I'm suppose. Anyway, I kind of in the same boat with Adam, me and pregame are kind of like old spinster ladies that sit across the knitting circle from one another and kind of just... glare at one another.

Anyway, I too am in need of friends, whatever and in between for my three --maybe four soon-- characters.

He needs about, five to maybe seven friends and what have you -- he's the class clown, with a love of music and is just an over all cheery, friendly guy. Played a number of sports through high school, but only stuck to track, so teammates and former teammates would be nice too.

1. Nicholas Nutbrown
2. Keith Jackson
3. Andrea Vanlandingham
4. Neil Sinclair
5. Corbin Arlen
6. Christian Rydell

She's your typical tomboy, and so will need more guy friends than girls. Though a similar interests, like in the martial arts, would be smashing. For her though, I need an enemy of sorts within the popular girls because I want them to have at one point been really good friends, but the whole growing older different interests pulled them apart -- I really wanna see how something like that would act out on the island, I think it'd be kind of interesting.

1. Nicholas Nutbrown
2. Adam Dodd
3. Trisha McCarroll

The timid one, she needs the least amount of people because with her disorder she doesn't interact a lot to actually get too many friends. I'm thinking of having her crush on someone, though I'm still playing around with that in my head. Needs to be interested in the arts, and a bit on the nerdy side, you know. ;3

1. Melissa Diaz
2. Corbin Arlen
3. Adwin Green
4. Ethan Ashlock
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Ahh. Don't worry, it's not that I find pregame boring, it's just that I'm still trying to juggle my time around, between paying all the attention I can to my kids and crazy husband and using this as means to keep me from going insane in my freetime.

But I did pregame last time, for a good majority of the time too, and I think only two of my characters actually had someone they where really friends with per say when the game started, and with Eli it was another character of my own.

So don't think of this as me saying pregame is boring or unneeded, because I know some of you enjoy it -- think of this more like me just making sure my characters at least know someone when they hit the island, you know?
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