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Life is a Crowded Hallway; Open
Topic Started: Nov 11 2007, 12:04 AM (1,973 Views)
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And just like that things seemed to get to normal almost as quickly as they got chaotic, Blood Boy was back to his wraith like status as he was overwhelmed with apathy for the entire situation at hand; it was clear that despite the chastising Lauren truly cared about Michael, perhaps some chemistry still existed between them, who knew? The only thing he had left at the moment was a bruised back and a bleeding spine. Oh and he almost forgot, the salty taste of Michael's blood in his mouth. As Michael walked by and Blood Boy gave him a final defiant stare (even pouting his chest up a bit), his shoulders relaxed dramatically as Lauren walked by.

In his experience, beautiful women don't like super macho guys ready to beat the crap out of their tormentors.

Though as she spoke Blood Boy found himself nodding as she apologized on behalf of Michael: almost like his wife. His representative. He was hers. That notion couldn't exit his mind as she smiled at him, showing her pearly whites, as she left he reached up to his own mouth though instead felt the hard plastic of his mask. It just wouldn't work. Lauren Van Asche was in a completely other league, she was only concerned with muscular guys. Bravery. Smarts. Even the ability to forgive was lost on girls like her.

He wondered for a moment if perhaps Michael and Lauren had done the nasty. It crossed his mind, the notion of her legs wrapped around Michael's waist as he moaned and bit her shoulders and then nibbled at her ears: the fact that it was Michael doing it made him sick to his stomach. Though he immediately shook those thoughts off, not only because he was uncomfortable thinking about Lauren in such a way, but that it made him even more resentful and angry at Michael; the last thing he needed to be considered was the violent outcast. That only lead to meetings with the idiotic school guidance counselor.

As his gaze turned to Adwin, he simply nodded at her.

“Thanks, I have to be getting home and fix my mask. But, thanks for sticking up for me.”

He sighed as he walked towards the exit of the school: years of being isolated and all it took was one day to be thrown in the middle of someone else’s failed relationship.

((Blood Boy continued in A Single Piano))

"My man got too familiar and I’d ended up having to whoop his ass, man, you know. Because he would step across the line. Habitually. He’s a habitual line stepper.” - Charlie Murphy

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((Damn, I thought I did this already, sorry for the necromancy...))

Adwin sighed, everyone had quickly left the area in favor of something else. It seemed no one ever stuck around long enough for her to get to know. It got pretty lonely sometimes.

"Adwin, girl, you gotta do something..." She mumbled to herself before continuing to her class. (Which had started quite awhile ago...)

((Continued Elsewhere))
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