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Dominica Shapiro; Ciel's Character
Topic Started: Oct 19 2007, 09:54 PM (381 Views)
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Name: Dominica Shapiro
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Grade: Senior
School: Southridge High School
Hobbies and Interests: Art is a subject that Dominica always excels in(since she's been drawing since she was a toddler)

Appearance: Dominica has a small, petite body that looks somewhat fragile, standing at about 5'2". She has a pale face, with almost no pimples, moles or any other marks that usually abolish the rest of her students. The most unusual part about her whole face that makes people stare at it is her eyes: She has two different colored pupils (The left one pale blue, the other dark red). Her hair, which is actually naturally black, is short, only reaching straight down to her neck. With a face like hers, it's no wonder people assume she's not right.

Her clothing aren't exactly shows the best in Dominica, neither. No matter what time of day is it, Dominica always wears black baggy jeans. In the summer, during winter, just before the fall. Every day, she wears what seems to be the same pair of pants, although no one knows she has a closet full of them. As for something as far as shirts go, it's always random. Sometimes she comes in with just a white t-shirt. Other days, she'll come in with long-sleeves, and then she could come in with a green tank top. It usually doesn't depend on anything other than pure luck, because Dominica thinks that anything can go with black pants.

Biography: Dominica is a shy, quiet girl who has become a social outcast, just as her appearance shows her as. She has become quite paranoid of interacting with other people, and she has very few friends. Even the friends she DOES actually has, she doesn't really feel comfortable with. She means well, but most people either pity her, or think she's a preppy snug kind of woman. This, unfortunately, has always been the case. All throughout elementary school, Dominica never really spoke as openly as everyone else, and this has caused her to appear as different in the eyes of the other students.

And it's not like she doesn't get any attention, right? After all, her parents are Fifi and Benjamin Shapiro, who are the only benefactors to the Shapiro estate, a family of real estate tycoons. They can provide anything and everything that her heart desires. Doesn't that count for something? Not exactly. They DO provide her with anything she ever wanted, but when talking about attention, this is a different matter entirely. They're actually more dedicated to their jobs than Dominica or her brother. They work from morning till evening, usually getting back at around 9am. In fact, they rarely ever spend time with her at all, unless if you count her birthday, which is always very expensive (although the presents she DOES receive are usually things that she has no need for). The only person Dominica speaks to on a regular basis is her brother, Nathanial, and deep down in the darkest breaches of her heart, the girl hates him more than anyone else. So Dominica is all alone, with no one but herself for comfort when times are rough. And trust me, TIMES ARE ROUGH.

Due to her shy nature, some popular students constantly torment Dominica, calling her names, pushing her into lockers, tripping her, even locking her into the girls' bathroom. Since the girl has no idea of how to fight back at all, the only thing she can do is to just stand there and take it all. Every single bit of it. Dominica doesn't have an outlet to release all of her hatred and anger, which also means that she has to keep all of her thoughts and feelings bottled up inside. Picture this sort of thing building up over three plus years of high school, and you have a quiet girl who's about to have a huge mental breakdown(Whoever said "the quiet ones are the people you have to look out for" should win a metal).

In fact, all of this has grown so big that Dominica has beginning to hear these faint voices in her head. Since she had absolutely no social skills whatsoever, she has no friends. She feels alone, and lately, she's been hearing voices in her head of this. Dominica has started to come under the impression that this voice in her head (Which she assumes to be her consciousness) is her only TRUE friend. If she listens to that voice, she'll embrace all the hatred and anger that has been building up for quite some time and... that all depends, really. For all we know, she might want to block that voice out of her head, so this might become a small detail that can be easily overlooked.

Even though people judge her of being a 'freak', Dominica has an actual good record in school. She's one of the most intelligent students in all of Southridge, as the people who actually known her since Middle School should know. She always gets straight A's, and never has to struggle to get these grades neither. Always at the top spot at the Honor Roll, Dominica has been proclaimed as a genius, and being in a school like Southridge is holding someone like her back from her actual potential. She is also somewhat experienced in running, since she always takes a jog everyday after school for the past three years of High School.

Again, she might do good with just about any weapon, whether it be a shotgun or a piece of rope. She won't have much problems carrying something like a shotgun around, although she might have a problem with firing one. Something EXTREMELY heavy will be impossible for her, though, and she might decide to either destroy it or leave it on the ground. Other than that, she's fine in all other areas that matter. If she isn't hesitant whatsoever about killing people, and if she listens to those voices in her head, she might turn out to be a underdog in V3.

Advantages: Dominica is a genius: Always gets a 4.0 on her GPA, and passed the SATs with flying colors (she actually finished before everyone else). Expect her not to make any stupid decisions anytime soon. Plus, Dominica is more physical fit than most of her actual female companions. She not a bodybuilder or an athlete in any sense, but she'll have little trouble carrying somewhat heavy things (weapons for example), and she has a rather quick stride. Not to mention a hell of alot of stamina to boot.

Disadvantages: Dominica is a social outcast; Always harassed by almost all the kids at Southridge because her quiet nature. She's very reserved, and since she actually believes everyone is out to get her, she won't be finding anyone she can align herself with. Plus, if she does decide to play the game, she may hesitate to kill those who have never done anything bad to her in the past (even if this said person is trying to kill her), so this slight hesitation might end up hurting her. That brings us to her biggest disadvantage: She is seen as a weak individual with no-backbone, and this might make her an easy target for many of the powerplayers although she isn't as weak as people believe her as, the number of people who think she is may overwhelm her.

Other: This strange voice that Dominica has been hearing as of late is neither an advantage or a disadvantage. It all depends on if she chooses to listen to it or not. She could become a heartless killer who enjoys the suffering of others, who will do just about anything to prove herself to everyone and win SOTF. She also could become a girl who acts and appears mentally-insane, but is actually in the crossfire of a war between her subconscious and this demonic voice. Or, god-forbid, she can still be that shy, unsociable shell of a woman and that voice is only a small quirk about her. Only time (and how extreme the next SOTF will be) will tell what becomes of her. Just remember one thing: If she does become a powerplayer, expect her to show no mercy. Dominica has an evil side to her, and this part of her might enjoy killing people.
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