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8-Ball, Nasal Pocket
Topic Started: Aug 8 2007, 07:12 PM (1,011 Views)
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god it's been a lovely day
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Inside Kara's heart was jumping for joy at the words that were coming from her boyfriend's mouth. Now she just wanted to get to his house, snuggle up next to him and fall asleep. Thankfully Gabe's house wasn't that far away from the pub they were at, so all it would take would be about 20 minutes to walk. The whole time they were walking, all she could think about was how lucky she felt. Tomorrow this feeling would probably melt away and she'd be back to being the horrible girlfriend that she was, though, as of this moment, she felt like a princess with her prince. They continued to walk, kissing eachother every couple steps, eventually making it back to his house.


((Gabe and Kara continued elsewhere..))
It's so nice
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Evan scrounged through his pocket for his car keys. He was in no shape to drive, and would definately fail a sobriety test, but that never stopped him before. He unlocked his silver Honda Civic and got inside. He struggled to recap the night's events as the drugs slowly left his system. Gabe and Kara had buggered off to God knows where, and he felt relieved he could just go home to bed.

Still, he thought, it must be nice to have someone like the two of them did...

((Continued in Give Me a 'P'!))
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