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Bryan vs. Mariavel; Because.
Topic Started: Jun 25 2007, 10:12 PM (1,264 Views)
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Jesus motherfucking Christ. I'm sorry, okay? I'm sorry I complained so much and was so paranoid. Maybe it really was bad luck that I tended to get the short end of the stick. I'll stop bitching about this and let V2 finish and get on with my life. I'm sorry I even jumped the gun on the reply you sent me, because I was so impatient.

Okay? I'm really fucking sorry. I've just been having a tense week and I don't have anywhere else to vent. Really. I'll grow up.

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The only characters I've truly followed were my own, so I can't really comment on anyone else's writing. But if this turns into a popularity contest, then you might as well count me out because I felt that I have a character that is very much capable of winning the game...if there was an accurate way of gauging a character's physical parameters. That would be done by measuring things like hunger, thirst, damage, etc.; it'd make it more realistic, but it would be dismissed as another stupid idea. Having said that, I had someone (won't call names) that came out and said that Mariavel is immune to any and all rolls from here on out. Naturally, I thought that this notion was crazy talk, but it's led me to wonder...the last winner was a boy (Adam Dodd) and it was won by Adam (or d0dd10slave or whatever the hell his name was), and an admin might I add.

I know there's a couple conspiracy theorists out there that might agree with me on this one; I also know there's more than a few of you that'll say I'm absolutely full of shit. But it has to be said.


With the way everything's playing out so far, I believe that this game has been rigged so that Mariavel Vallara will win. And if it is so, then fuck V3...it won't even be worth the time of day. I'm sorry if I offend anyone, but that's the way I see it shaping up to be.

Mariavel is not immune to rolls. Mitsuko doesn't even do the rolls most of the time, and she's rolled Mariavel herself at least once. Most of the time, I do the rolls, and I find it offensive that anyone would accuse me of roll-tampering based on ... well, absolutely nothing. Let's get our facts straight before we start pulling stuff out of our rear-ends, alright?

Mariavel's far from being "set up to win V2". Nobody is set up to win V2. Nobody was set up to win V1. It was done in a dice roll, just like every single other time, and if you guys aren't comfortable with that, then I don't know what to tell you. Then again, I'm just reiterating what TBH said.

But honestly, I'd appreciate it if people didn't comment on things they know nothing about.
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is only doing this 'cause you're a mod!
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Topic Closed.
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