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Forever Falling: Part I
Topic Started: May 9 2007, 11:56 PM (1,641 Views)
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Garry smirked. The boy was clearly afraid of him, despite the fact that he was the one with the gun. He wasn't suprised. The pistol was huge, and for someone of his stature, it wasn't exactly easy to hold. "Sure thing. Gimme a sec." Garry stood up and slowly tore his shirt apart, using one of the longer pieces and tying it around his gut, soaking up the wound. The sais chafed along the sides of his waist, so he dropped them behind, leaving only his original weapon, the 7-inch blade he had come to love. Well...This is it...The end. Off Paris, slit that guy's throat, take a dive...Things should go perfectly as planned... His mood lightened. "Imagine there's no Heaven...It's easy if you try...No hell below us...Above us only sky..." Garry sang in an oddly beautiful, lighthearted tone, and looked back at the other boy. A playful glow came into his eyes. "Imagine all the people...Living for today..."

The island had driven him into a bout of anger, madness, and crazed depression. Not anymore.

Nothing to kill or die for...

((Continued In: Forever Falling: Part Two))
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Damien could not help but feel dumbfounded as Garry started to lead him off...while acting in much the same way Damien did on the way here. He did find it kinda attractive looking at the giant's exposed upper body...but it didn't do much to distract his aim. As he followed the giant out, he eventually started to hum along with the tune as a way for him to keep his concentration.

If the giant tried anything...he'd fall a lot harder.

((Continued in Maison d'abattage))

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