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A Brewing Storm; Weapon Drop for Ricky Callahan
Topic Started: Feb 24 2007, 01:06 PM (1,506 Views)
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Kayla hasn't been posted with in over a month. She'll be declared inactive if she isn't roleplayed as within the next few days. I apologize for the inconvenience, but we're too far into the game to have this many inactives on the roster.]
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[I was kind of waiting for a destination, I've had this post for a few days.]

Kayla watched in silence as Ricky and the tall blonde boy spoke, with some tension between them. Kayla didn't understand it and didn't care to dwell on it, and only absent-mindedly followed Whitney. Kayla felt a distant nagging from the back of her mind and her response to it was to empty herself of emotion. She had been trying to pin the mixed emotions she felt on Jackie's death, but couldn't shake the feeling that she was lying to herself. There was something else to this island that was bothering her, outside of the horror that each student brought to each other.

Her companions struggled with their own demons. Vesa got emotionally defensive about a girl he had killed, Kayla had not noted her name and did not much care, as horrible as she knew that should be. This was overlapped by a discussion of where they would go next. Kayla had no suggestions, each place was the same as the others and probably was not much safer. Even still, they could probably handle it. At the cost of more lives... but what if they were going to die anyway.

Kayla huddled up on the ground, sitting on the sand. Finally, she muttered.

"Just pick somewhere."

She wans't sure if she was heard, but Ricky proceded to lead them away, to the Hotel or wherever they decided. Kayla stood up awkwardly and followed, facing the ground.

(Continued elsewhere.)
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