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Barbie Girl
Topic Started: Nov 14 2006, 01:00 AM (1,495 Views)
...Schmexy Dwarf? Eh, you play the hand you're dealt...
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Darren chased after Venus, but it was vain. She got a lucky hit to his temple and probably concussed him, or at least disoriented him. He lost her trail and gave up, choosing to sit down on the ground and wait for his head to stop spinning. Unfortunately,a s soon as he stopped moving, he was flooded by his thoughts.

Darren had failed, once again, to accomplish anything.

He could not kill a smaller boy who was unarmed.

He could not kill a similarly armed teenage, prissy girl.

He could not win, here.

Darren prided himself of the feats of looking after his younger brother and keeping his adoptive father in a relatively stable state of mind. He had good grades, worked two jobs, had done things most people his age never had to deal with. And he did not crack, not once. Did that make him superior? It stood to reason that with more experience, he was better than his peers. So why couldn't he prevail here?

There's no reason not to be able to. Darren told himself. I can kill. Even without a weapon... I'll make an ally and kill them, like Venus almost just did to me.

His confidence renewed, Darren stood up, his head only swimming marginally, and set off to find a victim.

((Continued elsewhere...))
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