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Genocide in our fucking minds.
Topic Started: Nov 6 2006, 11:14 PM (1,327 Views)
...Schmexy Dwarf? Eh, you play the hand you're dealt...
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((Continued from Part of Your World))

Kayla followed the sewer tunnel to it's end; a ladder leading up to a ground-level grate. Kayla followed it up with no where else to go, her bag very heavy on her shoulder with gravity against her entire body. Reaching the top she spied a padlock that was unlocked and off to the side, making her thing about how lucky she was to be able to get up from the sewer. Finally free of the smell, Kayla put her bag down and looked around.

There was some kind of hill nearby, she could see it through a patch of trees, and she could smell the ocean, so the coast couldn't be far. Kayla had no idea how far inland she'd moved, her sense of direction was not really dependable and she was unsure of the paths she took, but she had been travelling for some time since she'd left the lighthouse and Marimar. She went to look at the hill, maybe she could get her bearings. Only there was someone on the hill.

Kayla moved cautiously, she did not know whether or not this person was dangerous, and they appeared to have something at their feet. As kayla got closer, it looked more and more like a body. Kayla was sure of it. Someone had died.

Kayla had thought she was keeping a pretty good head so far. She wasn't overly afraid, she was careful when she needed to be, she had a safe place to run to if things got difficult. All in all, she was doing great, up until she saw her first corpse. It was dead, and this person - definately a girl - who was standing over it, holding a stick at it in some sort of victory pose. Kayla was afraid. She had encountered a killer and the evidence was right at her feet. Kayla dropped her bag and drew her boomerang from it. It was a good weapon if you knew how to use it, and Kayla knew she did not. She did not know how to throw it, maybe she could do it in a straight enough line to hit her target if she had to, or beat her with it up close.

Rather than seeking a fight with a proven killer, however, Kayla opted to back away. Maybe she wouldn't be seen or heard. Her hope was lost when she tripped over the bag she just dropped. Kayla recovered before she hit the ground, but had let out a yelp and made other noice. Knowing she couldn't sneak away, Kayla readied herself for the killer to turn and attack...

The girl apparently hadn't noticed Kayla's fall. Scooping up her bag, Kayla got up, turned, and ran for the distance while there was still an opening.

((Continued in You can feel what don't see))
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