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Genocide in our fucking minds.
Topic Started: Nov 6 2006, 11:14 PM (1,328 Views)
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Gaaah! They're eating the flesh off my bones!
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<<Continued fromThe very basic will to live>>

Harry Constantine had been wandering for about two hours before he stumbled onto what appeared to be a girl poking a corpse. She had two Arnis Sticks, and was poking the dead boy with one of them. What happened to that corpse? Oh fucking hell... Harry gagged. It was the first corpse he'd ever seen. Flies were nesting the damn thing. As he watched the maggots wriggle, a thought formed in his head:

How could someone do this? The results were making him sick. What did it take to knowingly do that to someone? Another disturbing thought began to insinuate itself into his fore brain. I could have become that.

That was a scary thought. Scary enough to make Harry seriously consider killing someone. So it was probably self defense. That doesn't look like a comfortable death. I guess I'm going to have to kill to get a comfortable death now. And that's when Harry jumped that train of thought. Killing would always be the last resort. Nothing would change that. Harry had a skill that was most likely unrivalled on the island, and he needed to get everyone off the island. He had part of the ability to free everyone. He needed to find others who had the rest of skills to get off the island. Harry was fairly intelligent, but couldn't find any holes in the system the terrorists were using. Someone must be able to, though.

I get the feeling that I'll be counting the dead as the lucky ones before long.

Harry put the saftey on his Agrams, and began walking toword the girl. She didn't look like she was a psycho. She did look a little too curious for Harry, but to each their own.

Actually she looked far to interested in what she was doing. Hell, she could have killed whoever used to inhabit that corpse! Harry clicked off the saftey and ran away.

<<Continued in Nightfall and the River>>
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