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Genocide in our fucking minds.
Topic Started: Nov 6 2006, 11:14 PM (1,343 Views)
La Skellette!

It had seemed like forever since Survival of the Fittest had entered my mind, after the initial exit of the guards that where there in the following weeks of the accident the game seemed distant, irrelevant, fake? No, perhaps those weren't the right words, because there was no doubt that these where real people, but it was all just a bit to eerie, it was easier for us as a society to distance ourselves from the tragedy, Adam Dodd? An illusion, most likely sent back to Canada to attempt to rebuild his now shattered life, but really, how much did any of us care about Survival of the Fittest? How many of us wasted our time being obsessed with it? Nobody that mattered did, nobody who had a brain did, but it was evident what the purpose of SOTF was...to desensitize the American people to violence and rape. For they had been raping our pockets for years in virtual economic serfdom and it was only a matter of time before they started annihilating the only thing we held dear...our children! A punch in the face to us from the ruling class of this country, a virtual pimp slap upon the materialistic whore that was the American people!

But, conspiracy theories could be done at a later date, what was important was that we as a people had been trained to push the less hospitable and happy parts of the current world aside as they grabbed us by the balls and twisted with such vigor that it brought tears the most powerful country in the world (if of course said country wasn’t behind it, in which Caitlin would be hard pressed to disagree with you, all sources of government are behind their own tragedies, especially when the lives of 120 kids -a virtually limitless resource- is the only thing that they sacrifice). And while said scheme grabbed us by the balls we where more focused upon a genocide in Darfur. FUCK GENOCIDE IN DARFUR! Genocide in our motherfucking minds! So, as we distanced ourselves from bullshit and this creature of oppression grabbed us by the balls it immediately came forward and took another group of kids...will we desensitize our youth now? Sell them a t-shirt? Have the very lives of the children participating put on t-shirts and used as some sort of demented bread and circus towards the masses?! Was my life not worth that much? Was the life of my peers not worth that much? What of the lives of the countless military men that will be executed to support this lie, does that not mean anything?!

The American people answered all these questions one year ago, the only thing our lives meant was the 19.95 that the shirts and sports drinks with our faces on sold for.

One would not describe how it felt to be awoken by a gunshot only around fifty yards ahead of you, one could not describe how odd it felt to get up soaked in your own sweat as if a constant night mare had been playing over and over again. The kind of nightmare that you run super slow in, but everyone else runs like fucking super saiyans? Yeah, that type of nightmare, however unlike super saiyans which just wanted the dragon balls, her own peers where running after her and their intention was to kill her. A bloody corpse lieing naked on the rugged floor of the cliffs, Caitlin however wasn’t naked and this was much to her dismay to be honest. Not that she was some sort of exhibitionist or some nudist freak, but that she was wearing a fucking sweater vest, a long white sleeved Oxford shirt, and leg warmers, all of which where practically soaked in her own sweat.

Upon realizing this she instinctually went to remove the sweater vest only to look down and put it on right afterwards, it was right then that she realized how much she had sweated, in which her white dress shirt was soaked through entirely. She visibly sighed as she looked around, being seen topless in front of someone who had just fired a shotgun would not be the high point of her day, although perhaps considering the situation, it would be.

“Well at least I’m thinking positive...” she muttered to herself, before deciding that embarrassment was a small price to pay for not walking around in smelly clothes soaked to the bone in her own sweat.

“Can you help me?”

“Of course not you smell like a pig!”

After looking around briefly to see if anyone was there she noticed a boy laying down, a naked boy? How odd, how small, how fucking weird?! Of course she could not see the boys head, which either meant that he had a condition that made him have the head of a bowling ball or...

“The reason as to why I was awoken from my slumber and my hopes for just sleeping till this place became a danger zone is revealed...” she said rather disappointedly. SOTF had done it’s effect on her, she was desensitized, and being desensitized only served to make her more angry, she was a victim to society, the one thing in which she feared.

Before approaching the body she felt like there was a need to equip herself, and it was then that she decided to go to her back, unzipping it however only lead to the exposure of two two foot long sticks. They where thick, but could they do damage?

“Non-fatal, unless of course I was a member of the LAPD...” she mused to herself, as she approached the body it came into view that it was headless, most likely from result to a gun shot wound to the head (probably a shotgun) and that of course the boy was naked, with pieces of suit and clothes being ripped off , of course what disgusted her more was the bloody patches that where obviously missing skin...ripped off in a feral matter, like a cat or a cougar.

Looking at the boys privates you would assume a catholic cougar...

She thought to herself instinctually before poking the boy with her stick.
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...Schmexy Dwarf? Eh, you play the hand you're dealt...
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((Continued from Part of Your World))

Kayla followed the sewer tunnel to it's end; a ladder leading up to a ground-level grate. Kayla followed it up with no where else to go, her bag very heavy on her shoulder with gravity against her entire body. Reaching the top she spied a padlock that was unlocked and off to the side, making her thing about how lucky she was to be able to get up from the sewer. Finally free of the smell, Kayla put her bag down and looked around.

There was some kind of hill nearby, she could see it through a patch of trees, and she could smell the ocean, so the coast couldn't be far. Kayla had no idea how far inland she'd moved, her sense of direction was not really dependable and she was unsure of the paths she took, but she had been travelling for some time since she'd left the lighthouse and Marimar. She went to look at the hill, maybe she could get her bearings. Only there was someone on the hill.

Kayla moved cautiously, she did not know whether or not this person was dangerous, and they appeared to have something at their feet. As kayla got closer, it looked more and more like a body. Kayla was sure of it. Someone had died.

Kayla had thought she was keeping a pretty good head so far. She wasn't overly afraid, she was careful when she needed to be, she had a safe place to run to if things got difficult. All in all, she was doing great, up until she saw her first corpse. It was dead, and this person - definately a girl - who was standing over it, holding a stick at it in some sort of victory pose. Kayla was afraid. She had encountered a killer and the evidence was right at her feet. Kayla dropped her bag and drew her boomerang from it. It was a good weapon if you knew how to use it, and Kayla knew she did not. She did not know how to throw it, maybe she could do it in a straight enough line to hit her target if she had to, or beat her with it up close.

Rather than seeking a fight with a proven killer, however, Kayla opted to back away. Maybe she wouldn't be seen or heard. Her hope was lost when she tripped over the bag she just dropped. Kayla recovered before she hit the ground, but had let out a yelp and made other noice. Knowing she couldn't sneak away, Kayla readied herself for the killer to turn and attack...

The girl apparently hadn't noticed Kayla's fall. Scooping up her bag, Kayla got up, turned, and ran for the distance while there was still an opening.

((Continued in You can feel what don't see))
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<<Continued fromThe very basic will to live>>

Harry Constantine had been wandering for about two hours before he stumbled onto what appeared to be a girl poking a corpse. She had two Arnis Sticks, and was poking the dead boy with one of them. What happened to that corpse? Oh fucking hell... Harry gagged. It was the first corpse he'd ever seen. Flies were nesting the damn thing. As he watched the maggots wriggle, a thought formed in his head:

How could someone do this? The results were making him sick. What did it take to knowingly do that to someone? Another disturbing thought began to insinuate itself into his fore brain. I could have become that.

That was a scary thought. Scary enough to make Harry seriously consider killing someone. So it was probably self defense. That doesn't look like a comfortable death. I guess I'm going to have to kill to get a comfortable death now. And that's when Harry jumped that train of thought. Killing would always be the last resort. Nothing would change that. Harry had a skill that was most likely unrivalled on the island, and he needed to get everyone off the island. He had part of the ability to free everyone. He needed to find others who had the rest of skills to get off the island. Harry was fairly intelligent, but couldn't find any holes in the system the terrorists were using. Someone must be able to, though.

I get the feeling that I'll be counting the dead as the lucky ones before long.

Harry put the saftey on his Agrams, and began walking toword the girl. She didn't look like she was a psycho. She did look a little too curious for Harry, but to each their own.

Actually she looked far to interested in what she was doing. Hell, she could have killed whoever used to inhabit that corpse! Harry clicked off the saftey and ran away.

<<Continued in Nightfall and the River>>
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La Skellette!

Caitlin was about to answer her visitors as she went towards them she tripped and fell on her knee.


Just then, however, with a blinding flash and a thunderous boom, she exploded in chemical burst, splattering gore across the cliffs. Most of the SOTF viewers believed the student was mentally unstable, and had strapped a bomb to her back and was saying goodbye to her life after being confronted with death and the blew herself to smithereens. However, this was entirely false.

You see, a small chemical reaction had begun in her lower intestine, where several chemical compounds ingested with food had combined. While alone, these chemicals are not dangerous. However, when mixed, they formed into a highly volatile chemical gas. Due to a minor disorder of the small intestine, the compound was sent into her stomach, where it further mixed with stomach acid, creating an even more volatile substance.

When he fell on her knee, she inadvertently swallowed some air. It traveled to the stomach, where it set off the gas in a large explosion.

Naturally, the probably of any of this happening is so remote that you need not lose any sleep over it. However it was weird enough to no doubt put some surprised face to the people at the Cliff's.

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