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Super-Sour Lemons; Warning: Lots of Implied Content Ahead
Topic Started: Oct 28 2006, 09:42 AM (923 Views)
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Slutty Dwarf
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Ali/Sisterhood (bondage)
They were all the best of friends. They could count on each other for anything. When Ali calls a meeting at her house, everyone willingly came. But when she leads them to her basement, everything gets out of hand. Will the girls be willing to do anything for their friend?

Wow, I never realized before, But I am extreamly fucked up in the head. :lol:
The Dan: she won me over with card games, brownies, sex and handcuffs

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La Skellette!


"Don't be sad, Cathalie. It's okay. I'm here." and so the story of raunchy sex v2 began!
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^This is not what a Laz looks like^
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You 72H fans have finally cracked me. A bit. Opposite sides of the yin-yang decide to explore the metaphorical significance of that symbol a little further.

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