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Numbers; ...of DOOM! 0:
Topic Started: Oct 18 2006, 10:26 PM (908 Views)
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Oct 19 2006, 12:10 PM
Of course, this is assuming that everyone makes use of the 5 character per handler rule

There's a 5 character per handler rule? :blink:
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La Skellette!

Well...the staff is considering it...

Although judging by that reaction I wasn't supposed to say anything.
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is only doing this 'cause you're a mod!
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No biggie, but yeah, we're thinking this time 'round you'll be able to roleplay five at a time, rather than the 3 from V1. Just means more responsibility, should one choose to do so.

But that wouldn't make much sense to be honest, because once someone dies they can create another character.
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It's listed in the rules section, I think. *shrug* All we did was up the maximum number of playable characters at a time from 3 to 5. Ergo, you can have five on the island at once instead of three, and you can still create others when one dies. 'Course it's subject to activity rules and whatnot, and you don't HAVE to have 5, but the option's available.
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