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B22 - Faust, Hawley[/DECEASED]; riserugu's Character
Topic Started: Sep 23 2006, 12:04 PM (547 Views)
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Game Evaluation
Killed by:
Collected Weapons:
Allies: Adam Dodd, Madelaine Shirohara, Amanda Jones, David Jackson, Alan Shinwrath

Mid-Game Evaluation:

Post-Game Evaluation:

Memorable Quotes:

The name Hawley comes from a boy's name that Riserugu always thought would be a good name for one, the name is of English origin and means "from the hedged meadow"

Faust has been Riserugu's last name since her marriage, and is also German for "fist" as well as Latin for "good luck".

Unlike her other characters, Hawley was not given a middle name.
His birthdate is October 22, 1991.

Though he has no blood-related siblings he has four older-half brothers, and a younger half-brother.

Has the habit of pinching the bridge of his nose when thinking.

His meeting, and thus befriending of Adam Dodd is the reason Hawley changed the way he did. If he had done what he had wanted when he had first met Adam and Alan, being using the two as pawns of sorts to get him further to the end of the game then kill them (though he did try to kill Alan at first, which was the cause of their fight), he probably have turned out to be a very different character than he was.

While on the island he had a journal of sorts he carried with him, since his death Adam Dodd has been carrying it around.

Though he never admitted it to himself or the person in question, sometime before his death he grew to have a crush on his friend Madelaine Shirohara.

The medical term for Hawley's two-toned eyes is called Heterochromia. Both of Hawley's parents have brown eyes, but uneven melanin content in his left eye is the cause of it being the shade of blue it is.

Hawley wasn't actually supposed to last as long as he did, he was going to stay a while, kill a few people, and then kill himself.

Hawley also wasn't supposed to die the way he did, he was supposed to be killed by Cillian Crowe trying to protect the group but when Ebonydear left, that idea flew. So being the medical student Riserugu is, she came up with the idea of an infection and coming to notice she really hadn't had him take care of himself as much as the others
At his time of death, Hawley had a messed-up knee, a hacksaw wound on his shin, second-degree burns on his right arm, a wound from brass knuckles to the head, and three bullet wounds.

The following is a list of threads that contain Hawley, in chronological order.

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Revelations. - Note: in this post, Hawley Faust appears during part of a hallucination. Whether or not he was actually speaking from beyond the grave is unknown.
Misa Achtland

Ayako Okogamine

Kevin De la Torre

Melissa Angelicchio

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