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Nothing Lasts Forever
Topic Started: Sep 22 2006, 10:31 AM (474 Views)
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Survival of the Fittest > Hillside Cliff > Nothing Lasts Forever

Posted by: Megami Apr 1 2006, 06:49 AM
(Continued from the School Building; http://s10.invisionfree.com/SurvivalOfTheF...topic=770&st=0)

Upon leaving the school, Lyndi had ran and ran, as fast as she could possibly run, and now she was feeling the aftereffects of such an attempt. She had made it this far, to some unknown location she'd never been before, and she fell to her knees in a mixture of pain and fatigue as she came into the clearing. Gasping desperately for breath, it took Lyndi a moment, but she finally saw it... the all but virtually obliterated corpse that had once been TBLACK, Shannon McLocke. Lyndi's eyes widened as she looked at the remains that lay before her. Not that there was much left to look at. McLocke had virtually been blown to a crisp, and the whole area was covered in a deep crimson color; obviously his blood, and probably the blood of others.

So... so then, someone killed one of them? Someone's actually leaving this island? They're actually leaving? But... what'd they kill him with? My God, that couldn't have been the work of any of the weapons I've seen. Someone's out there with a weapon that powerful... that's scary.

Shaking her head, Lyndi hobbled back to her feet after a moment, only to plant herself at the edge of the cliff, looking downward. Her calf caught her eye momentarily, and she examined the now blood soaked bandage that had been so haphazardly wrapped around it in a futile attempt to stop the bleeding that had been inflicted by the bullet from Cody Jenson's gun. Sighing, Lyndi let her wounded leg drop from the cliff and dangle. Running had apparently caused it to bleed out even more.

I shouldn't have stopped here. I need to keep going. Need to find Elsie. Go to... to the lighthouse. That's where we said we'd meet. At the lighthouse. But don't... don't know if I can make it that far. I'm so tired. So out of breath. Maybe if I rest for just... just a minute. Then I'll be okay. Then can make it to the lighthouse.

Her thoughts ran together in a jumbled state. If not for the brief rest she'd taken at the school, she'd have never been able to run as far as she had. Then again, she'd done that on pure adrenaline. Lyndi still didn't know if Michael had followed her or not, but she hadn't heard anything chasing behind her, so if he had chased after her, she assumed she had lost him somewhere in the mess of forest that was between her current location and the school building. Thinking back, she really didn't know if he'd followed her at all. For all she knew, he could have stayed and attacked Elsie after she left.

I've got to find Elsie. Make sure she's okay.

The pugnant odor of burned flesh was still rising from the corpse of TBLACK, and that told Lyndi that he had not died very long ago. Still, it appeared that whoever had killed him had long since went on their merry way, as the place appeared abandoned for now. It occurred briefly to Lyndi to search McLocke's body for any sort of weapon that may have survived the incineration, but Lyndi couldn't bring herself to touch the corpse. Besides, judging by its condition, nothing on him could have survived the blast, and if by chance it did, his killer had probably salvaged it when they took off.

Once again crinkling up her nose at the smell, Lyndi pulled her injured leg up from the cliff once again and wrapped her arms around it, nursing it somewhat. The deep crimson stain on her white t-shirt where Ryan had stabbed her with the knife had become very apparent, as a good portion of her white shirt was now soaked in red. Shaking her head, Lyndi looked out from the cliff. The lighthouse was visible in the distance, but it still seemed a ways away. After a moment, she decided. She would camp out here, just for a bit, until she could get rested up a little. Then, she'd head for the lighthouse and hopefully Elsie would have made it there by then as well.

Posted by: d0ddi0slave Apr 2 2006, 05:20 AM
Since she'd been resting up on the beach of the Eastern Shore, Angelina Kaige had to admit that she was most definitely more than a little tired. She'd been in several encounters thusfar during her time on the island, and while she'd been lucky in that she hadn't been shot up, nor stabbed all that much, the scratch on her arm was stinging harshly. She'd basically looted the pack of Aiden Ambrose after she'd killed him on the beach, and had spent some time cleaning her wounds and trying to disinfect the long scratch that Chance had given her as she tussled with him. Truthfully, she'd been lucky, for the boy had been far stronger than she ever would have given him credit for, and all of the training in the world hadn't prepared her for the rage that had seemingly come over him as he realized she was lying. As to when during their fight that he'd actually managed to scratch her, she had absolutely no idea, but the fact remained that the damage had been done. Of course, all things considered, it wasn't the worst thing she'd had to endure in the last few days, and likely wouldn't be the last, either.

As she'd slowly walked through the bushes after watching the corpse of Aiden Ambrose wash offshore and float around for a bit in the small bay that the shore was located in, finally washing up against the rocks, she couldn't help but frown, for she hadn't heard anything at all from either McLocke or Rice. She was anticipating dealing with those two herself, perhaps even forming a temporary alliance with either of them, and then killing whichever one would be stupid enough to trust her as soon as they turned their back. Kaige fully blamed both of them for this mess, and if she'd had the good sense to bolt, like Garnet had, then perhaps she'd still be overseeing the operation, instead of participating in it. As she'd moved on from the shore, she'd tried to keep very alert. The contest, as it were, was heading down to the final stages, and most of the students that were left alive were either damned lucky or were playing. In all likelihood, she'd have to deviate from her original plan of trying to team up with any students. By now, they'd likely be stone-cold killers, be too scared to think, or be completely insane from the pressure that killing their peers would have on them. Obviously, she'd just have to play for herself, being as stealthy as possible, and using the weapons that she'd been given, both in the game, and in the way of training, as well.

So when she walked into the area that was known as the Hillside Cliff, approaching stealthily from the side, the first thing that she noticed was a girl, all alone, hanging her legs over the side of the cliff, looking sad and depressed. Non-players in this stage of the game were likely few and far between, and a defenceless girl sitting alone wouldn't generally be cause for any kind of alarm. Earlier on in the day, Kaige might have actually gone up to her and attempted to befriend the girl. Of course, that had been before her battle-plan had changed drastically, and had been after she'd encountered Sidney, Chance, and company.

Sinking down to her knees, and finally laying flat against the ground, Kaige watched as the girl pulled her legs up, and sat clenching her legs, seeming as though she were just enjoying a quiet morning alone. If it weren't for the obvious wound on her leg, it might be plausible.

This is almost going to be too damned easy.

Taking her rifle out from around her back, she plunked her pack down and removed the stand for sharpshooting that she'd been given with the rifle. It wasn't generally a good long-distance weapon, but she'd trained with this specific rifle for close, and long-range combat (Danya had wanted her to be proficient in most kinds of combat), and she was a fairly good shooter with it. Sure, she had a tendency to hold the trigger for long bursts in close combat, and wasn't the best at ammunition conservation, but all in all, her body and mind were a dangerous weapon, to be certain. Aiming through the scope on the top of the rifle, Kaige surveyed the area first. To her surprise, she saw quite a few bodies on the other side of the cliff (which wasn't as much a cliff as it was a large, shallow crack in the ground, much like the ravine that she'd briefly seen), one which looked like it was heavily armored - though she couldn't tell, for it was cracked and broken from what appeared to be a grenade. She'd have to take a closer look once she got over to the other side. Taking careful aim towards the girl's good knee, she lightly squeezed the trigger, pressing just a little too hard, sending two bullets hurtling towards her knee.

Posted by: Megami Apr 2 2006, 05:54 AM
Lyndi didn't take notice of the figure that was slowly sneaking up on her from the nearby shrubbery. At least, not until it was too late. Lyndi's blue eyes widened drastically as she heard the loud cracking noise that Kaige's rifle made as it fired off two round at her. Here she had been, lost in her own thoughts, and she was now a sitting duck. After the initial shock of the attack, Lyndi had virtually no time to react as the searing hot metallic objects tore through her skin, shredding and shattering bone, muscle and cartilage in the process. Emitting an echoing scream as the bullets tore through her leg, destroying her kneecap in the process, Lyndi feebly attempted to escape her attacker, all the while looking around wildly for wherever the bullets had been launched from.

It was then that she saw it... the gleam of the barrel of a rifle barely visible through the dense shrubbery encircling the area. Her eyes widened once again as she saw the cause of her assault, and Lyndi quickly began an agonizing scurry through the dirt away from her assailant. The bullets that had punctured her kneecap had rendered that leg virtually useless, and it drug behind her limply through the dirt as Lyndi pulled herself forward, attempting to use the momentum from her hands, as well as her other leg. Her nails dug down into the dirt as she tried in vain to escape, causing clumps of dirt to find their place underneath her fingernails as well as all over her hands.

Tears flowed freely down Lyndi's face as she slowly tried to drag herself away; tears from both fear and pain, as her new injury was being dragged along the ground and was rubbing over virtually every rock, blade of grass, and patch of dirt in its path. Looking back warily at the figure hidden somewhere in the bushes, Lyndi simply shook her head and mouthed the word 'no', though nothing seemed to come out from her throat as she attempted to speak. All thoughts of finding Elsie had all but vanished from her head at this point, and now, it was about her own survival, which, at this rate, wasn't looking too good right about now.

Posted by: d0ddi0slave Apr 2 2006, 06:00 AM
Seeing her bullets hit wasn't what worried Kaige as she watched her shots hit the target with startling accuracy. It was the fact that the target seemed to have spotted her, and was trying to frantically escape. Scowling deeply, Kaige looked back into the scope of her rifle.

Now what can I shoot so that I can disable her until I get over there, hm...

Taking aim towards the other knee, she fired off a shot that she hoped would hit the girl in the other kneecap. Shifting her aim, she then looked towards Lyndi's left elbow and squeezed the trigger once more, sending two more bullets flying out. There wasn't too much she could do except disable the girl until she could cross the cliff, and take a closer look at the body of what might have been one of her fellow terrorists.

Posted by: Megami Apr 2 2006, 06:20 AM
Much to Lyndi's fear, the crackling sound once again filled the once silent surroundings as several more bullets rang out from the barrel of the gun. This time, she saw them coming, but was in such a state of being from the previous attack that she couldn't muster up the strength to move. She simply watched in fear and astonishment as the first bullet entered her leg, not quite blowing out her kneecap this time but somehow lodging itself inside the bone somewhere, causing a wound that rivaled her other knee in comparison. Letting out a pained gasp, Lyndi was almost immediately thereafter struck the the other round Kaige had fired off, this time tearing through her shoulder, causing her body to reflexively twitch as it did so and in the same instant, causing the third and final bullet Kaige had fired off to miss completely, sinking into the ground near her hand.

Exhaling a choked mix between a sob and a scream, Lyndi tried once more to make a run for it, but only succeeded in dragging herself a few inches from her former resting place on the ground before falling altogether. The bullets had done their job, they had virtually paralyzed the girl. A fearful look played over Lyndi's face as she anticipated her attacker's arrival. Tears continued to roll down her face as she looked back, awaiting the fate she was certain was about to befall her. Lyndi had already cheated death in her encounter with Cody Jenson on the island, but apparently, her luck was running thin. Now, all Lyndi was left with was sheer regret. She couldn't help but think back to her time on the island, the people she had lost, and those she could leave behind when she met her end, which she could only assume would be only moments from now.

Clinching her fists in pained anticipation, Lyndi couldn't help but think back to her home, presumably some insurmountable distance away, where her parents were probably glued to the television with worried expressions on their faces, watching as their daughter was being systematically destroyed by one of the "players" of Survival of the Fittest. Lyndi had been lucky to have survived up until this point, but it was clear that her current assailant had no plans of letting her live to see another day. No, this one was playing for keeps, and that much had been proven when she had all but paralyzed Lyndi in a series of clearly thought-out, strategic moves. Now, all Lyndi could do besides writh in pain was lay there and wait for whoever had fired upon her to either finish her off or leave her there to die some other horrible death.

Posted by: d0ddi0slave Apr 2 2006, 06:54 AM
Cracking a bit of a grin as the girl went down with a whimper, Kaige picked up her rifle and strung it around her back again. Looking around the area, she saw that about thirty feet away, the hillside cliff closed up, allowing one to walk around the opening in the middle. Walking slowly over to the edge of the cliffside, Kaige had many different thoughts circling around in her mind as she made her way up to the first body that lay on the ground. Crouching down and rolling the corpse over, she saw that judging on the colour of the gear, and the lack of a head, the corpse was likely that of McLocke, the black terrorist. A flood of relief filled her body; the task that she had set out to do at the beginning of the game had just become that much easier. With McLocke dead, she could probably take out Rice easily. Rice was generally the pussy of all of the terrorists, and most of them had made fun of him behind his back for his infatuation with several of the female students. With McLocke, his 'guardian' of sorts out of the way, permanently, Rice should be easy pickings.

Shaking her head, Kaige perished the thought. They were all highly trained men and women, and none of them would be easy pickings for anyone. Rice would be a challenge, like it or not, and when the time came, Kaige hoped that Rice would go down before her.

Speaking of easy pickings...

Standing up, Kaige made her way over to the writhing girl who was essentially waiting for death on the ground. Her bullets had made short work of the girl's knees, and she had a large wound in her shoulder. Apparently, the fourth bullet had missed, but Kaige simply shrugged to herself. In this state, it would be frighteningly easy to just pull her up and snap her neck. Reaching down, she grabbed the girl by the hair and pulled her onto her knees, relishing the fact that this girl was hardly able to kneel on her destroyed knees, and the action was likely causing her immense pain. Stopping, she thought for a second. This girl needed to be finished off, to be killed, but how...?

The idea came to her after almost a minute's deliberation. Breaking her neck or shooting her was far too simple, and wouldn't exactly score her any points in the 'creativity' department. She wanted to send Danya and Rice a message, and she figured that she had the perfect way to do it. Placing her rifle down on the ground, she grabbed hold of both of the girl's arms and held them up, as though she were using them to support the girl. Taking a deep breath, and hoping her athletic skills would allow her to do this properly, Kaige leaped up, and as she pulled the girl's arms forward, drop-kicked her harshly in the face.

(All yours, Meg)

Posted by: Megami Apr 2 2006, 07:59 AM
Lyndi watched in full-fledged fear as the woman who had maliciously attacked her revealed herself from her hidden position and made her way up to Lyndi's vantage point on the cliff, even going so far as to stop and examine the body of former terrorist Shannon McLocke as she made her way up the small incline. Obviously, the woman was toying with Lyndi, acting like her death wasn't a priority. In a way, it probably wasn't. Fear and apprehension continued to build in Lyndi's mind as the other woman continued her slow and steady trek that would most assuredly end in Lyndi's demise. The sleek, lean figure of the other woman and the cold and callous look on her face told Lyndi that this woman was no student, but rather, she was most likely Angelina Kaige, the only female terrorist that had been left to die on the island.

As Angelina approached, Lyndi tensed up, preparing herself for the damnation that she was about to incur. Letting out a yelp as she was all but pulled up from the ground by the hair on her head and kneeled down execution style on her knees, Lyndi's eyes met the ground and she began shaking visibly before finally looking up, directly at the woman who was standing in front of her, about to take her life. So, what now? Beg for mercy? Plead that this callous witch show pity for her and leave her in that spot to be picked apart by animals or to be the pawn in someone else's demented game? Her virtually nonexistent knees burned with a searing pain as she was forced upon them, and it was all Lyndi could do to hold her head up. Finally, she managed to spit out one sentence.

"You're just buying into his game. He'll kill you too."

In another time and place, Lyndi would have imagined herself to be begging for her life being put in this situation. Now, however, it seemed trivial. It was odd, but Lyndi almost felt at peace. She'd contemplated suicide not long ago during her time alone at the lighthouse. It was at that point that the full brunt of the game had hit her, and she had realized just how hopeless the situation itself was. Looking back at the way she played the game, however, Lyndi was suddenly overwhelmed with regret. She couldn't help but find herself wondering, if she'd done things differently, where she would have wound up. Choking up a bit at the thought of Elsie, Lyndi began visibly trembling again, disgusted with the fact that she had promised to protect her to the bitter end. But for Lyndi, the end had come much sooner than she had ever anticipated.

And now you're out there alone, with no one to protect you. If you die, El, it isn't just you who loses the game. That baby loses. Matt loses. Your parents lose. Everyone. Please... you have to survive, you have to win.

They were words she would never get to speak, all pent up in her mind. The last words Lyndi would ever speak had been the ones she had just spat out toward Angelina. Somehow, she hoped those final words would have some sort of effect on the deranged and coldhearted woman that stood before her. Even if she had ensured her own death by virtually insulting the terrorist, Lyndi hoped her words would be considered. Kaige was doing what Danya had wanted her to do from the beginning, and she was doing it with pride. And what if she won? Did Kaige think Danya would accept her with open arms? The American government certainly wouldn't. If Danya didn't kill her on the spot, she'd have nowhere to go. Perhaps she'd realize it. For Lyndi, however, it was far too late. As Angelina pulled Lyndi's arms up over her head, the next few moments went by in almost slow motion. Lyndi's eyes widened and she let out a startled gasp as Angelina's powerful legs went right for her head...


"It just gets to me, you know?" a younger Lyndi mused quietly to her companion Elsie Darroch in the locker room after one of Barry Coleson's winning football games. "The things they say, the way they stare. They all talk. About you. About me."

Elsie almost laughed as Lyndi recited her thoughts aloud, seemingly amused by Lyndi's reaction to a few comments the football players had made regarding the two that Lyndi had unintentionally overheard. Things like that never seemed to bother Elsie. She was always so strong in that aspect, and for that, Lyndi envied her greatly. Blinking back the tears that had formed in her eyes, Lyndi slipped her jacket on over her white t-shirt and sighed quietly.

"I don't want people to think I'm some kind of slut or something, El. I don't do anything. Anything! They just make it up, and I... I don't know, I don't understand it. What's the point?"

"There isn't any," Elsie replied nonchalantly, "They get off on it or something. Don't worry about it, I've got your back. Friends look out for one another, right?"

Lyndi immediately returned the bright smile that Elsie had cast her. It seemed like Elsie always knew how to cheer the rest of them up. Her, Xian, all of the Barry Coleson cheerleaders. They had all been the brunt of jokes and cruel, sexist remarks. Elsie seemed to take it all in stride, however, and set a prime example for the rest of the cheerleading squad. She reinforced ideas like friendship, trust, and hope. It was something everyone needed once in a while, and Lyndi Thibodeaux was no exception.


The odd memory that had come to mind quickly came to a shattering halt as the boot of Angelina Kaige came into contact with Lyndi's face. However, Lyndi barely felt what happened next. Angelina's boot had connected with her nose, all but shoving it back into her head and causing bits and pieces of bone fragment to log themselves into her brain, terminating any brain activity almost instantly. Lyndi didn't feel it as her neck stepped backward with momentous velocity, quickly snapping it. She didn't feel it as her arms were virtually ripped out of their sockets by the momentum of Kaige's dropkick. Lyndi was dead long before she ever hit the ground. All that remained of her was the leftover remains of her once beautiful and desireable body, her light blue eyes cast up toward heaven, forever set in a look of surprise.

Risen from the dead.
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