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Rene asked if he had plans. Samuel just shrugged in response. He had no idea what he was going to do during his time on the island. Complete compliance or defiance was out of the question: he didn’t have it in him to kill someone in cold blood, and he lacked both the drive and the intelligence to pull off an escape plan. He suspected that he’d just blow up.

He figured that all he’d do was wander around until he died. Not the best course of action, but it was the one he’d most likely go with. Maybe he’d find others, people he wanted to spend his last moments with.

The question was, who?

He tried to remember who else was on the trip. He didn’t particularly like most of the names that came up, but there were a couple of people he liked. There was Nate, who was an acquaintance at best. Then there was Ty and Junko, who he called friends but they didn’t feel close enough to go searching for. And then there was Pe-

Samuel tensed up, and his heart sank. Oh god, Penny. How could he forget? They’d felt lucky to be on the trip on the same day, and now they were both stuck here. She was somewhere in this hellhole, scared shitless and possibly armed.

She was going to die here, too.

The door down the hall creaked open again. Samuel froze, and slowly turned around to see Richard Nixon, flashing a peace sign at him. Under normal circumstances, he would’ve chuckled at the sight. But the guy wasn’t even saying anything, and the fact that they were in an abandoned psych ward elevated it to a whole new level of creepy. He felt speechless, but he did manage to say three words.

“...what the fuck?”

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