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“Yes, it is lame,” Lily agreed absently.

Jasmine was obviously faking her cheeriness. Lily wasn't sure how she felt about that. Probably better than if she was genuine about it. Someone would have to be mad to be happy about being in this game. Jasmine's fake cheer and Coleen's varying levels of control in the last few minutes made Lily feel like she'd wandered onto a stage. Though, glancing at the nearby camera, she supposed that wasn't far from the truth. A play where none of the actors had been given the script.

Coleen hadn't followed them in. Lily glanced at her position before continuing searching. It was cramped in here as it was, anyway. Jasmine was already too close for comfort.

At Jasmine's question, Lily paused for a moment. She knew a lot of reasons she could want paper. But she wasn't sure if she wanted to tell Jasmine what she had in mind. Not because Jasmine would object, but just because anything smart she told Jasmine might be picked up by her, too. And the more people playing this smart meant the more people upping their survival chances. And their chances going up meant that Lily's was going down.

Lily glanced at Jasmine, who was looking in a drawer and managing to keep Lily within her sight too. She'd clearly already taken the advice about not turning her back. Lily stayed quiet for a moment longer, then sighed.

“I want the paper for a lot of reasons. I want to write down the announcements when they happen, so I can keep track of the danger zones and—“ Lily's voice faltered for a moment, “And who's killing. Who's dead.” She took a breath before continuing with a more steady voice. “I also want to take inventory on what I have on that bag and keep notes on what I'm running low on, so that I'm forewarned before any shortages become a big problem. And that aside, writing down things in general helps me keep my thoughts clear.”

If Jasmine had already caught on to advice about not turning her back, then something as small as 'remembering stuff easier' was hardly going to make a difference. Besides, there was a difference between staying logical and just being rude.
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