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So maybe he could die suddenly, without warning, at any time. He was having trouble remembering what exactly could cause the collar to detonate aside from trying to escape - something about going into certain areas at certain times. How he was supposed to know where to not go was entirely beyond him. Loudspeaker, maybe? He'd have to keep and eye out for something like that. See if they had set up some kind of PA system on the island, or something. Maybe they just expected everyone to know.

Or maybe not. That was the point. He couldn't know, could he? It was all part of the game.

Game. One word good at describing this situation. To some people, he assumed, this was like a game. Something fun. An adventure. To him, it was a nightmare. He wondered if anyone was watching him right now. Paranoid, Matt looked around the room - they'd have to have set up cameras so people could watch this, right? There weren't any cameras in this room, were there? The idea of someone watching all this made him feel... uneasy.

He wanted to leave.

"I, fuck.." He started talking, pacing around the room. "I don't know. I don't know, I don't fucking know. I just want to get the fuck off this shitty god damn island or wherever the fuck it is we are."
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