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Should we go after her?

Catching up to her would take a bit of effort, sure. She'd gotten a little bit of a headstart -- Candice hadn't even noticed the girl in the doorway until she spoke up and was already on her way out -- a brief glimpse out of the corner of her eye was all that Candice had seen of her before she was down the hallway. But even so, they should be able to catch up with her if they hurried. It would just be a bit of sprinting.

Well, just that and the fact that Candice would have to drag herself away from dwelling on the people back home. Y'know, the same thing that led her to not notice the girl in the first place.

We should go after her.

Candice might not have known much about survival or how to deal with being locked on an island with busloads of potentially murderous classmates, but she felt that safety in numbers was clearly the way to go. It wasn't just about the thought of using superior numbers to win fights, rather she felt that with enough people the aggressors wouldn't even have the courage to attack because it would be such bad odds for them. Everybody would protect everybody else, and everybody would keep each other's morale from plummeting. That was basically what led to the developement of societies in the first place, right? It was clearly the best option.

It was also likely to result in you getting a bullet to your spine, courtesy of somebody that you trusted just a little too much.

That girl wouldn't want to take a pair of cock-ups like you anyways

Really, what point would there be in taking on allies who are just liabilities, anyway? Out of all the kids who had been dragged into this, it wasn't hard to imagine that you could find better allies than a mopey, out-of-shape coward and a trigger-happy girl with mood swings. Hell, even Candice was having trouble thinking of any of her classmates who would be a worse choice.

After all, shouldn't the two of them be dead by all rights? Whatever bad luck they must've had to be shoved into this hell, it had surely been balanced by the fact that the person who came to investigate them was just interested in giving free advice samples and not in building up their armoury.

The people who know how to survive can do so because they don't bring along dead weight like the two of us. People might be willing to lend a hand if you need it, but anybody who helps you when you're not able to pull at least a bit of your own weight is just going to get dragged down with you.

Stop acting like your life isn't currently in danger just because nobody's holding a gun to your head at the moment.

Candice wiped her eyes on her sleeve, belatedly realizing that they had been gifted with a perfectly good pack of tissues. She made a half-assed attempt at forcing a smile before stopping due to how blatantly fake it must have looked.

"Let's--We should probably find a different spot to hide," she said to Mia.

She shouldered the duffel bag she had been carrying around and took a few steps towards the door.

"We, ah... Maybe if we get a change of scenery... other side of this building... hell, even the other side of the island..."

Candice stopped a minute to let her mind catch up with her rambling. She also changed her mind yet again on how to try presenting her self and once again adopted the world's saddest excuse for a smile.

"Maybe if we get away from here we can try just starting everything over."
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