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Harold flinched as Lizzie scrambled into the room, grip tightening on the sword as he wondered for just a moment if their lives were in danger, if he had to swing now to prevent himself or Ty from getting hurt. It was only a moment, thankfully, then reason won out and he exhaled and realized that Lizzie was running away, not charging. She was (apparently) unarmed, and could probably be safely considered part of "us", if you tried to draw a line between the people hiding inside the room and the world of shadowy figures roaming outside.

It'd be easy to leave it at that, so naturally Harold couldn't. Everyone was worked up, now, himself included. If Lizzie or the person outside had any bad intentions, things could go real bad, real quick. What he needed to do was stay calm, breathe, exhale. Think about how to de-escalate the situation. Once you have to resort to violence, there's no going back, so it's best to take all the time in the world to get to that point. Harold glanced at Ty, by the door. Worst comes to worst, he'd have Harold's back if things went south.

Well, they wouldn't get anywhere all separated like this, calling back and forth through the doorway. It's a whole lot easier to mistrust a disembodied voice than a fellow human being you're face to face with. Harold'd have to remedy that. All else failed, he'd be the first line of defense, or at least the canary in a coal mine.

He stepped out into the hallway, sword by his side. Astrid was a few feet away from the door, easy to pick out of a crowd as ever. Harold didn't know her, but it's hard to miss a girl with an eyepatch, especially when she was almost as tall as him. It was harder to miss the gun she was aiming at the ceiling. "Hey. If you're sticking around, I think we'd all feel a bit more comfortable if you put that away," Harold called out, locking eyes with her. The way Astrid held her gun made it look like she didn't want a fight, but it'd be all too easy for her to adjust her grip and pull that trigger if she wanted to. Harold doubted he'd be able to react in time, not without being in a state where he'd jump her for any sudden movements. He'd also be a hard target to miss, given his size and their proximity. "If you don't wanna do that, that's fine, I'll just close this door and you can go on your way, alright?"
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