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“You look like shit.” Vanessa replied with a blunt smile, “It’s very punk rock; just roll with it.”

Teasing or not, she was still drawn down to his worry-inducing knee. Getting around the island with that was going to be a real hurdle, and she was not about to lend her shoulder to him for the whole time they were stuck there.

She wondered about how to best handle the situation. Thinking back to the time that her sister Liza had screwed up her knee trying to slide in to home base a few years back, Vanessa was reminded how her sister had been wearing a brace for a few weeks. She figured that’s what Jae needed right now, but she was pretty sure she wasn’t going to just find one of those just lying around.

She looked around the room, scanning for a good substitute. Her eyes noticed the table leg that Nancy’s axe had been buried in not too long ago, its vulnerable half-cut state proving the answer.

“Gimme a sec.” She said, heading towards it. She flipped the furniture over and leaned her weight against the leg. In its old and damaged state, it easily gave way and broke off from the table.

She managed to go through the rest of Jae’s medical tape and the whole roll of her own, but in a few minutes Jae had the piece of wood wrapped tightly against his knee, forming a makeshift medical brace. It would have to do for the time being, but she was getting better at first aid with every passing moment. “Look at that, I really am a doctor.”

Whilst Jae accustomed himself to the device, she went back over to the three legged table. The first leg had come off so easily, she wondered if she could break off a second even if it wasn’t cut in half. Lo and behold, with a fair amount of effort and some clumsy leveraging, she could.

Picking up the second leg in her hand and giving it a spin like she would a softball bat, she nodded to herself. It was small, light, and probably wouldn’t go very long without breaking in half, but it would probably do a better job of defending herself than a bag of weed would, and the grisly nail sticking out from the top was probably a good deterrant.

She didn't want to use it like that, that much was no fucking question, but Jae had given her every reason to be practical about the situation. If they did run into Alvaro again, or anyone else riding the nuttybar express, she wasn’t going to just hide behind the crippled guy and hope he could hold them off.

She turned back to Jae, waving her new weapon at him with a cocky smirk. Everything looked about ready for them to get out of there and go find some friends.

“You ready to go?”
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