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Vanessa was a clumsy doctor, what with her reluctance to actually hold Jae’s hand in place. She gingerly wrapped the tape around at a distance, pulling his hand in a circle along with hers, before tearing it off at the end. She admired her handiwork, namely that the fingers were actually being held relatively in place. Any doctor would probably tell her that there was supposed to be a splint under there, but details.

“I’ve taken a lot of balls to the face, but I’ve never actually broken anything before.” she shrugged at his supposition. “So congrats, you’re the first patient of Dr. Stone.” She’d gone from a psychiatrist to a GP in the span of five minutes; it just went to show what Mrs. Barks knew about her science skills.

Tossing him back his roll of tape, she slouched back into the coffee table and looked back at Jae.

“You think you’re alright to keep walking? I mean, if you want to stay here for a while that’s cool, but I still need to find Cams.” She wasn’t about to leave Jae here by himself in his battered state, but she did have her other friend to find before someone tried to go slasher flick on her.

Thinking about it, Vanessa correctly realised that Jae probably had his own friends he was worried about just as much as she was hers.

“What do you plan to do to get through this shitstorm, anyway?"
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