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What the fuck. No, c'mon, this couldn't be right. What the fuck.

Of all the people, all the douches and morons and losers and the decent people walking around, she had to run into her, into this goddamn bitch. Even now, even when she knew they were both in a completely fucked up situation like this and as good as dead, she still couldn't help but feel repulsed just looking at Caedyn. Why her, why did she have to wake up here? It just wasn't fair.

At least she was crawling on the ground in front of her, humiliated, like the dirt she was. Jane felt a very strong urge rise in her, to just kick her and leave. Tempting, but no, she wasn't going to do that. No way she'd stoop down to Caedyn's level.

Ugh. Her words, five words out of her mouth and she already felt pissed off. She didn't need to listen to her, she could just go away, leave that hateful piece of garbage to herself. But it was just...what she was saying, she couldn't just ignore that, walk away without talking back at her. The hell was she implying? That Jane was going to kill her? That Caedyn was the victim in this, a poor soul about to be slaughtered by her, the evil wench. Jeez, she couldn't have made up a worse script if she had tried.

She wasn't just going to take that. She had the opportunity to put that bitch back in her place now, now was the best of times. No one around her to judge, no one to tell her to cool it or something. So what if it was being broadcasted? Hell if she cared. Nobody would interrupt her now.

She took a step closer towards Caedyn, starting to perceive a foul smell in the air. God, it smelled like actual shit. Maybe it was from all the bullshit that Caedyn was spewing.

"What the actual fuck are you talking about? Me, kill you?" She couldn't resist, she raised a hand to point at the girl in front of her with her index finger. Overly dramatic, but who gave a toss?

"Don't act like you're scared or anything, spare me your games. You just want to look like the good guy in front of all these cameras here, right? Boo hoo, poor Caedyn, poor poor Caedyn." Jane wiped away an imaginary tear with one fist.
"Give me a break! You can go and pull that anywhere else, be my fucking guest. But not with me, got it? I don't wanna be here with you, same boat or not. I'm not gonna offer you help or anything, screw that. You don't need my help and I don't need yours, we both freakin' know that."

Her chest started to hurt. She took heavy breaths; wanted to place a hand over her own heart, try to calm herself. No, that would have made her look foolish. Weak. Not in front of Caedyn.

"I'm gonna walk the other way now and I couldn't care less what you'll be doing. So have fun drowning in your self-pity, guess that'll count as suicide or something." That was good. Made her feel content with herself.

Jane turned away, looking into the direction that she had originally walked towards. Someone else was there, waiting for her. Someone who wasn't Caedyn. Even goddamn Bradley was fine with her at this point.
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