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((Kimiko Kao continued from Exhausted))

Casing a building was a weird feeling. It was also fruitless in this case as Kimiko found out since the warehouse had no windows. She didn't like the idea of going into the building without knowing what was inside, but if there were any useful supplies inside she would kick herself if she didn't at least check. As she was about the head back to the entrance of the warehouse she heard the door swing open. Kimiko froze where she was stood and waited. Luckily for her whoever it was didn't go around her side of the warehouse, sighing with relief Kimiko slipped the glass shard back into her pocket.

Approaching the door Kimiko waited and listened for any sound inside. She couldn't make out if anyone was talking inside. The door itself was doing a good job of blocking any sound. Sighing again Kimiko slowly and as quietly as she could tried to push the door open. Instead of a helpful silent opening, the door made a shrill metallic screech. Kimiko instinctively froze, heart beating fast.

That was not the quiet or subtle entrance she had wanted.
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