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Trav laughed at Cass' embarrassment at taking over the conversation. It was just the idea of someone being so self-conscious about conversational cues despite the situation they found themselves in. In the end it probably wouldn't matter but sticking to social rules that used to exist was probably a good idea. If only to keep them from going crazy.

"Don't worry about it. I reckon someday people will stop and look. Someone will care enough or like it enough that they try to find more or find out who you were." Trav paused as he thought about how he wanted to phrase the next part. He knew what to say, it was just how to say it. "It will help someone at some stage."

Good enough he guessed.

Coughing slightly due to a dry throat Trav sat up and started looking through his bag, eventually finding a bottle of water. He took a few quick sips, and looked out over the horizon. There wasn't much he could see that was interesting. He was sitting on the most interesting thing. The asylum, a good metaphor to show what the terrorists wanted them to do. They wanted them to go crazy and kill each other. That was a better metaphor he reckoned.

"I mean I hope maybe one day someone will look at a video of my fights and be like 'This guy's technique and the way he kicks' but y'know not a big sample size." He shrugged, not sure how to continue his train of thought.
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