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Hate, hate, HATE!!!
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Coleen could tell Jasmine's emotions were concocted. To what end, she couldn't say, but it wasn't hard to point out when a girl was forcing a smile when she herself had to force one on a regular basis.

Lily and Jasmine were entering something of a claustrophobic space. Coleen wasn't quite into that, either. The only thing she really wanted to do was go outside, maybe get some fresh air, and make herself a sitting duck for the next person to walk along with murderous intent. Okay, she obviously didn't WANT that last part, but it was a legitimate concern offsetting her desires for freedom.

The opposite scenario, she reasoned, was even worse. If she continued to hole up in this little building without moving around, somebody with more flagrantly violent intents might wander in. What's to say that Lily and Jasmine weren't going to change their minds at some point, start with the people in closest proximity and work their way outwards? No, the only safe way to survive this was to stay alone for as long as possible. That was the only way Coleen could feel comfortable.

While the two girls were in the office, Coleen inched for the door.
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