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"Yeah, better to find out what's going on before running out there..." Jonathan didn't like this one bit, for all he knew, everyone was in the asylum, and the kid with the biggest weapon was outside waiting to gun them all down one by one. So it was best to find out what everyone here had first, just to be prepared.

"Well, all I have is a tape recorder, don't think I can record bullets for us, ehheh." Some nervous laughter followed by a joke worse than one of Darius'. Nice one Jon. Actually, Jonathan was hoping Darius was okay, though he wouldn't have doubted it if he had already gotten himself into something. He shouldn't think like that though. Nobody was dead until the announcements hit right?

Jonathan continued to look through the contents of his bag. Energy bars, crackers, bread, bottled water, first aid kit, map, survival guide. Wait, survival guide? Jonathan opened the booklet, reading through the pages. Maybe he'd find some tips on how to purify water or build a shelter...


Even Jonathan knew this book was practically useless. Just skimming through it, he saw it for what it was, an ego stroke. Scoffing, he casually tossed the book aside as he pulled out the map. This island was a lot bigger than he thought. If he were to find his friends, he'd have to get right to work.

"I think we just need to find everyone we can."
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