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Paige/EP/Plush, they/them pronouns pls thanks :3
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"I don't have any" seemed like a real good excuse to barrel in carrying something, in his opinion. As it turned out, folks lie. Somethin' they did a lot, and anyone who had a mind to kill them probably wouldn't object a whole lot to that either. So he figured Harry had the right idea, gettin' his sword and postin' up for trouble. When their house guest came rushin' through the door, he was ready to dart over and put 'em on the ground as needed, but it was obvious real quick she wasn't a threat. Nah. She was runnin' from the threat.

That only made him tense up more. Christ, how many people were in this building? Granted, the girl...Lizzie, right? So damn many of them Luz kids runnin' around at once it was kinda hard to keep the names straight. But Lizzie here didn't seem too worried about whoever was in the hall. Might be that she's just a jumpy sort. 'course it was also possible she wasn't bright enough to know when she should be scared, since she didn't seem that spooked by him and Harry either. Hard to say what exactly she would find intimindatin'.

Ty held up his hands to Lizzie to show he weren't carryin' nothin' and started edgin' his way towards the door just in case. "Didn't catch a name in all that," he called out to whoever was still outside the door as he made his way across the room. "Who's out there?"
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