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Some actual progress, huh. Like, got her to smile a little, so he had. Hugs really did do wonders, who needed therapy sessions or some mumbo jumbo, this was how it was done. Didn't even feel that awkward, nope. Kinda pleasant, actually, like. Maybe it made up for the lack of Sharon? Nah, that sounded shitty, like Scarlett was just a replacement or something. Bullshit, that wasn't true.

Really though, seeing her brighten up a little was worth any effort. Actually had done something useful, so he had, made him feel good about himself, about this whole thing. Step one accomplished, only needed to actually get out of this dump of a dump now. Maybe he'd even hang out with Scarley more often after this. Yeah, sounded legit, sounded like a plan. Got him a bit pumped, actually.

"See, that's the spirit. We're better than this, you'n me. Takes more than this to make us wet our knickers, right?"

He softly bumped her with his elbow, chuckling. Yeah, he got this, no problemo. "Let's keep going. Got a hunch the stairs are right around the corner." He didn't, not really, but telling her that woulda been much less helpful, to be sure.
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