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A fair exchange? With that kind of laughter preceding it? And the way that the Attendant looked at her bag just didn't feel right, not deep down in Lili's heart of hearts. She wasn't going to let that kind of thing get through without some attention paid to it, no way, no how. A better name for this "game" was Highway Robbery.

But a single protein bar, by itself, wasn't too much to spare. If this did turn out like a fair trade, and the two managed to leave the bridge without anybody doing anything rash, then maybe Lili could just ask for another bar in return and Lili would go on her way without really having lost or gained anything in the process. It was a distant possibility, but it wasn't totally out of the question yet. She just had to play it safely and with caution, and she couldn't let her fear get in the way of her.

Plus, there was a little something she needed. It didn't hurt to ask.

"Okay," Lili said, her shivers slowly coming to a halt, "Got any cigarettes? I haven't had single one since I woke up." She stood up a bit straighter, tapping her nightstick against the outside of her leg lightly. Since she woke up, she hadn't seen a single person she knew well enough to trust. Eye-patch had scolded her, and now she was being harassed by the Attendant. With her luck, she'd be assaulted by a group of murderous athletes the second she stepped off of the bridge.

She thought back to her yoga lessons, searching for something, anything that could help her reach a more composed state. She settled on a breathing pattern she had learned in the first few days of her classes.

Inhale through the nose for a count of four. Hold the breath for seven seconds, and exhale for eight seconds, also through the nose. She did this silently while waiting for the Attendant's next move.
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