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((Clarice Halwood continued from The Calm Before The Storm.))

They'd heard the bell on the way over there. That kind of put a brief, if silly, dampener on Clarice's mood. That had been her plan, dammit.

But she'd cheered up again pretty fast. After all, this meant other people were thinking the same plan. Gather everyone together with the use of loud noises. Genius. It meant people might already be heading over there, and that people would be there already.

There was no-one on the ground floor of the bell tower, though, so if anyone was here they were probably upstairs.

Clarice glanced back at the others to check who was still following before looking up the staircase that led upstairs.

“Hey! Anyone up there? We're friendly!” she bellowed up the staircase.

No time for subtlety, after all.
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