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Oh good, it was someone Bart recognized. Jennifer, from the writing club. He remembered running into her at the art museum a while ago as well, but the writing club connection was probably what she would remember more. "Y-yeah! It's me!" He squeaked out.

When Jennifer came up to the doorway, Bart became very nervous. She had sounded so irritated just moments ago, and now she was right in front of him, looking right at him. He didn't know how to respond. If she had a gun, then she could jut shoot him right there and be done with it. Without thinking beforehand, he suddenly began to recount his experiences in the asylum thus far.

"I, uh..." He began unsteadily. "I woke up in a cafeteria, and I... I was really freaked out, and I didn't know what to do..." He was breathing very heavily, hoping that he wasn't making himself look suspicious. "I st- I started walking through the halls... there, uh... there wasn't really a lot to see..." He was having a bit of trouble putting sentences together. "And I, uh... I saw the paintings on the floor, and I wanted to- wanted to get a better look at them."

He closed his eyes and shook his head. "Then I heard a noise come from in here and I got freaked out, so I froze up, and now... now..." He couldn't come up with a way to finish that sentence. He just sniffed and winced as he stood in front of Jennifer, hoping that she wouldn't respond with violence.
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