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"That’s not a prediction, that’s a spoiler.”
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"Oh," she said, "heh, well, if they took all of your pens and papers, I suppose they must have taken all my art supplies too. That's lame."

The pout was a ruse too. Her voice was a bit too downtrodden, the corners of her lips pulled a bit too far down. It wasn't intentional. Jasmine's done this sorta thing so many times that it was all but natural. Back at school, maybe there was nothing wrong with faking a smile. But Jasmine went from grinning to pouting in six seconds flat. Something about that wasn't going to sit right with anyone not named Jasmine Reed.

She slung her bag over her shoulder before making her way through the door. Jasmine turned and waved at Coleen. She even flashed a tiny grin. She assumed that alone would ease whatever nerves the girl might have had. Coleen's mileage might vary on that though. The office was small. Jasmine pressed her back against the wall, giving the office a scan. She noticed the open door leading out to the counter. It all clicked for her, and that made her pout even harder.

"So like, what kind of paper are you looking for?" Jasmine said, opening a drawer to one of the desks in the cramped office. Empty. She reached for the second drawer. "Any kind that you can write on?"

It occurred to Jasmine that she had no idea why Lily even needed pen and paper. What could she possibly need to write? It also occurred to her that she had turned her back on Lily so, uhh, she was gonna rectify that by glancing at Lily over her shoulder.

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