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"That’s not a prediction, that’s a spoiler.”
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Scout couldn't help herself. She was thinking about escape? Jesus, this girl was grasping at straws. That wasn't what she scoffed at though. It was the girl's bleeding nose. For a second, Scout actually thought she was hurt. Thought someone shot her. Looks like her fear was misplaced.

That was a mistake though, the scoff. She pressed her back against the wall, out of sight. She had peeked her head through the doorway. They didn't see her. It was as if they never considered someone would find them. But now, surely, they were going to notice her. So she made her presence known. Scout did not make a habit of squirreling herself away, like a coward.

"Ain't gonna say that escape's outta the question."

Scout stood in the doorway. The dufflebag was open. She pulled something small out, left the dufflebag open. No reason to zip it back up yet.

"Just don't go thinkin' it's a given," Scout continued. "Not everyone's gonna be waiting for the escape helicopter. Hope for the best, plan for the worst."

There was going to be at least one pencil neck geek who's been looking for a reason to kill the big, tough bully that's been fucking with them for years. At least one girl looking for attention. At least one killer that you least expected.

Scout squinted. She couldn't see any guns. And as far as she could tell, none of them were making a move. The saw was tucked into the pocket of her hoodie. She didn't make a move to attack. Scout decided against it. Neither girl appeared to be a threat. Yet. She recognized one of them, Candice. The other was a senior. Regardless, neither of them were friends of hers. That made her all the more reluctant.

"... At least one of you has a gun." Scout shouldered her bag. "The both of you practically walking targets if you start popping them every chance you get. Take my advice and keep them hidden. Pull 'em out only when you need to."

After all, Scout was actually planning to steal said gun moments before. She didn't give them a chance for follow up questions. It wasn't like she was an expert, it was all common sense.

"Here." Scout tossed the packet of tissues over to Mia like a bean bag. "Take these. Try not to get yourselves killed, yeah?"

Then she turned and headed for the stairs. She wasn't planning on breaking bread with these two. She did it because it was the right thing to do.

(Scout Pfeiffer continued in Never Known Questions.)
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They say the hangover after you get drugged and kidnapped by terrorists is the worst · The Staff Dormitories B Block